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Made this today to put above baby boy's crib. I am 33 weeks along, thinking I only have 3-4 more weeks.

We are transferring the boys downstairs this weekend and starting to set up the nursery. I've started getting the boys ready to head to school too. It's a month away, but if I don't do it now, i may not get to it. We went shoe shopping, backpack shopping, school supply list got knocked off. Now we just need their first day of school outfit. Bex is so excited he can hardly stand it. He squeals every time I tell him about what he'll be doing in school.

Is this what they call nesting??



We started off the day with Nanny's patriotic fourth of July breakfast then headed to cowabunga bay to float lazily in the river and slide down slides. Matthias played in the tourney again, won the semi but lost the final. His disappointment was soon forgotten as he witnessed a fatal car accident at the mouth of Provo canyon involving 4 teenagers. He tried talking to and comforting one of the girls in the back seat who was stuck, mangled and whimpering. He had to leave when the paramedics came. We are still waiting to hear if the two guys in the front survived. We ended the night with an a BBQ and homemade ice cream at grandma Joanie's and fun fireworks. They live right by sugar house park so we had good seats!


freedom festival 3x3 soccer tourney

We are spending the week here in Utah hanging with our families. Today was a goody. It consisted of feeding ducks at Sugar House Park with cousin Cash, watching Matthias' 3 soccer games, and Hawaiian shaved ice down at BYU. A super hot day, but lots of fun!

Matthias' team, the Red Glare, won all 3 games today and are heading to the semifinal tomorrow on the fourth of July. He's pretty pumped. Note, Matthias chose the name from the Star Spangled Banner. Would be very fitting if they pulled out a final win on Independence Day.


red white blue craftiness

I love the fourth, and I love decorating for it.  Here are the new things I did this year. A wood pallet door mat. Snap Crackle Pop fireworks. Sparkly patriotic gel nails get me all excited. I planted 3 festive pots that are on my front porch. I half way finished four red white and blue pleated fans.  And I made a RW&B ribbon wrapped wreath for my front door. 


have fun boys

The boys headed out to Utah before us with their Aunt Cynthia. We said goodbye to them on Saturday morning. It's been nice and relaxing at home, but I do feel a little bored. I miss their smiling faces, they really do bring me so much happiness. I couldn't imagine living life every day like this, without my boys. I would be so lonely, a clean house maybe, but an empty clean house. Can't wait to get out to Utah and to spend time together as a fam. Both sides of our family are always so great about planning fun things to do together when we are there. Love them.  RSL Soccer, fireworks, cowabunga bay, rodeo, golfing, cabin, fishing, sewing, napping here we come!


bex and i

Bex has been my day time pal at home for so long. I am so excited, and at the same time a little sad, to think he is going to be gone all day soon. He's going to love kindergarten.


the first 6 months of 2012

...started off with some really good news... I found out I was pregnant!   Sososososososo excited, but so sick! The first 3 months of 2012 were a blur. I was constantly nauseous and tired. I was such a lemon. Red meat was the only thing that sounded good to me, the thought of chicken would make me gag. I often wouldn't eat anything just because I knew it wouldn't help. I was sleeping anywhere I sat down. I really felt bad for Beckham. Most mornings I didn't really know what he did. 

Ty played on his first basketball team, the Nuggets. Matthias coached. The team went undefeated, and Ty loved it. Matthias took the boys over to the church gym on weekends to practice. Ty was playing with kids who have been together for a couple of years, so it was challenging for him to come on to a well established team having never played before. He was a champ though and amped up his defense towards the end. Matthias took him down to Denver when the Kings came out to play to watch Jimmer. 

We went snowshoeing several times in Vedauwoo. It took all I had to get out there and do it, I felt so terrible. The boys took their new snowboards and hiked up a hill and sailed down. They did great! 

My parents came out to visit. We had a fun, low key time. It was bitter cold, so we stayed indoors most of the time. The Interstate closed down when they were heading out, so they turned around and came back to hang. We watched the vampire diaries for a couple hours. Once we heard the gate was up, they got out really quick, and it shut right behind them. It was such a sketchy drive home. It took them 11 hours, and it was pretty dangerous. I don't know if they'll ever come see us again. It was that bad. 

Matthias went to environmental law conference in SanDiego. I went with him! Joan came out to watch the boys and had a treacherous drivehere. She was so determined to get here, that she drove to Rawlins, the roads closed down, headed North to Casper, the roads closed down, Headed East to Torrington and then down to Cheyenne. It took her about 12 hours just to get here, but she was so happy and enthusiastic the whole way, she told us she felt like she was out on an adventure. 

We had such a fun time in SanDiego, just Matthias and I. Cheyenne was really getting to me, so this came at a perfect time. We got out in the warmth and sun, ate good seafood, shopped, walked everywhere (our last day we walked 14 miles!), went to the beach on Coronado, played frisbee, Little Italy farmers market (had the best crepe of my life), planted trees in Balboa Park, mingled with new friends, rode the ferry, etc etc. I loved it!

Matthias planting at Balboa Park

 Little did we know that this ship was prophetic of the gender of our baby.... Three Boys. Ha.

Eating at the Fish Market. Best fish I've ever had. We ate out on the dock.

 Little Italy farmer's market and my favorite statue.

Ty turned 8. He got baptized. My ENTIRE family came out for it, both sides. I felt so much love and support from them, it was really neat to experience that. It was a short trip for everyone, but we had so much fun with them all!


Ty joined scouts and had his first real Pinewood Derby. He wanted to place in two categories, the most unique and the fastest! He decided to make a car that looked like an ipod. We called it the iRacer. Matthias tried all his tricks to make it as fast as possible, and Ty ended up winning second place. He was so excited! 

I started feeling better this month. My energy came back and I was feeling great. I was positive that this baby was going to be a girl. I started walking 3 miles a day and have kept it up since. 

We went camping. Usually it would be insane to camp in March in Wyoming, but we had somewhat of a heat wave. It was 70 degrees, and it felt balmy. We had a great time. Bex got a tick between his toes. It was so traumatic, even for me. He was on my lap kicking and screaming, while Matthias pulled it out. shudder

Matthias turned 33. We had a fun dinner with friends and RSL viewing party. 

I made the boys ties for Easter. Bex hated his. 

Matthias has every other Friday off, so he takes Bex on little outings, he got a cute picture of him on one. Wyoming wind is good for one thing only... flying kites. 

Matthias, along with the rest of the youth and leaders, put on a great dinner, carnival and auction for the youth summer camp fundraiser. Combined ticket sales and dessert auction brought in over 4000 bones. I made Suzie-Q's to auction and they went for $60. Someone's cheese cake went for $250! It crazy the kind of cash people will spend to help the youth out. They found a professional auctioneer to announce the desserts, and it was so entertaining. I would pay money just to watch an pro. They have all these little sayings to get people into bidding wars. It was awesome! Here's bish getting a pie in the face.

We found out our baby is a boy! Boy #3. On my drive over to the Dr. office, I had a very distinct feeling that it was going to be a boy. I knew. We were all a little sad that we weren't getting a girl, but another boy is totally awesome. It makes sense for us in so many ways. We can't think of a name, but are so excited to have a baby boy in our family again! Little boys are so much fun!

Soccer season started again. Matthias coached Bex's team. They both had a great season and scored at almost every game. 

Bex turned 6. My baby is six. I can't believe it! He wanted a camping party this year, so we did a backyard birthday camp out. We took the kids on a bear hunt. Matthias dressed up as the bear and chased them all home. We roasted dogs and made s'mores, and the kids came with their own ghost stories to tell in the tent. It was a riot to watch them, they had a blast. 

Bex started his first season of baseball. He's on the Rockhounds team. He loves playing (even though it's only two innings and super hard to hit off of the machine). The ball always gets hit towards the pitcher, so he doesn't get a lot of fielding play. But he loves the snack shack and getting treats and hitting the ball. It's boring to watch, but cute a the same time. 

Matthias went to Sheridan to argue a case. He won. He went up against the firm he previously worked for. He was excited about it! 

We went down to the Denver temple for our ward family temple day. The kids pulled out all the winter flowers. 

Matt's parents came out for a visit over Memorial weekend. We had so much fun with them. We drove down to Fort Collins to go to a festival and shop. 

Matthias went to a conference in Page, AZ to work on and learn more about the Colorado River issues. He flew out of Cheyenne on a teeny tiny plane. The pilot let the boys look around when we dropped him off. Matthias loved seeing Lake Powell and standing in the River. He got a great tour of the Glen Canyon Dam.

Bex had his last month of preschool and Ty finished up second grade. Hallelujah. I was so tired of making lunches and getting the kids to bed on time. I was really looking forward to relaxing, not having a schedule, and having Ty around to play with Bex. So far, it has been wonderful! 

I celebrated my 30th birthday. My friends made a big deal of it and took me down to Ft. Collins for lunch and Charming Charlie's. It was a low key birthday at home. I told Matthias I just wanted to relax at home for my birthday. That we did, it was just what I wanted. 

Ty started Golf lessons once a week. He has his lessons at 8 am and then gets to stay and golf the course until noon. He usually tuckers out by 11am and he calls me to come pick him up. He tells me that he is hanging in the "Pro Shop" with his friends, drinking sodas until I get there.  It makes me laugh - he is growing up so much. 

Matthias took the boys camping in Vedauwoo to fish at some Beaver ponds. They had major run-ins with angry mama cows protecting their babies. Then with a bull at the end. Bex thought because Matthias yelled and scared away the cows, that he could do the same thing with the bull. So Bex walked towards the bull and started yelling, Matthias yelled at Bex to get in the car and hurried and packed up their gear and drove off.

Well, that's pretty much it. Last week, my energy started vanishing, ribs aching, feet and hands swelling from this armageddon heat, crazy itching at night. I am in my third trimester now. Only 11 weeks to go (if I go full term which I will more than likely not do.) My other kids were 3 and 4 weeks early. So I am guessing I will go to 38 weeks at the most. Which means I have 9 weeks at the most. It's coming quickly now.

Oh, and Bex lost his first tooth!
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