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Every year around Halloween time - the THOUGHT alone of carving pumpkins gets me so excited - listening to Halloween music, sipping hot cocoa, and eating candy for dinner. I even think days before of how I want to design my pumpkin... But as soon as I carve open the lid and look inside,
I remember that I don't really love carving pumkins, I just like HAVING a carved pumkin! But here they are... Matthias carved the faces - Ty requested a mean one and a happy one, and I carved the ghost. We took them into the bathroom, shut off the lights and lit them up and the boys thought it was pretty awesome. Both boys kept making the "oooh aaaah aaaah" noise.

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Sarah M said...

I can NOT believe how big your boys are! Beckham is walking?! What? I thought he was still like 4 months old, serious. Time flies!
...Did you know that I am pregnant? Lame if you hadn't heard til now but I am! Due May 11th. So excited... and scared!

You have the cutest little family. I am so happy for you!

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