the boys

Not much new going on here - not much to say - just wanted to post a couple pics of my 2 cuties.
Beckham is trying to make the fishy face here. He has been mistaken for a girl a lot lately - think it is time for a hair cut?I took Ty to Matthias' soccer game Tues night and tried to get some cute pics of him, but all he would do is make this face! So silly.
Here is Ty's art project he brought home from preschool today. When do you start explaining how to stay inside the lines? He's such a boy! The perfectionist in me wants to say something, but I have to hold myself back otherwise he'll probably hate coloring!

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ads said...

What's a little coloring outside the lines? Wait until someone colors on your walls. Not so fun! Tell Ty that I really like his Thanksgiving turkey. and you know, Beckham's hair will still be adorable and curly if you trim it up. Both boys are so cute, it doesn't matter how long their hair is. Luv to all.

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