flyin' high

Today was an easy-goin' day. We did a little grocery shopping, took naps, cut ty's hair, and went to the playground. We played a little football at the playground- the boys all in their byu shirts. After we got back, we had a family wrestling tournament. I was out numbered 3-1. Now, we are headed over to a friends to watch a little football. Can you tell that I am in some desperate need of some girl time?

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Tausha said...

Hello Andrea! I just heard about your blog! i'm a blogger too, although more of a commenter than an update my blog-ger. It looks like you are having a great time. My mother said she got to see Mathais recently, sounds like he is doing awsome. Should work for Jeff I think. Any luck with that? And I'll take you up on that girl time, anytime! If you get bored my blog is

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