today was a good one

I woke up this morning to Ty yelling, "It snowed mom! Look outside!" I remember doing that when I was little. We were all pretty excited for some real snow, so the boys headed outside and made a snowman. Ty wanted to name the snowman Andrea at first, I think because it is wearing my red gloves, but then he came up with the name Santa.

When we were going through our snow clothes bag, we found Matthias' goggles - every time we put them on Beckham, he would automatically open his mouth like this. Cutie.

Our friends, Holly, Tyler, and Lori came over later in the day to visit and gave the boys a great Christmas present: Colts jerseys!! #88 Harrison. Ty was really excited about it and kept saying it was a BYU shirt... Beckham really took to Tyler and sat on his lap for the majority of the time.

In the evening we went over to visit our old neighbor's: Cho, Kim, and their kids: HeeWon, & HeeChun. They are from S. Korea and are moving home at the end of the month so we wanted to say goodbye and wish them well. They are the nicest people and are so sweet to our kids. Kim made a great dinner for us: Californian rolls (but not called that, they were authentic Korean style), chicken and fruit. After we had some really spicy ginger tea. We had some really great conversations with them and their kids were so good to our kids. They will be missed!


ads said...

Real snow you say? That is so exciting. Remember to tell Ty that we have a whole big backyard full of snow that he can play in. Maybe make a snow fort along with his snowman. Can't wait to see you in a couple days. Travel safely. Hugs and kisses.

Holly said...

go cougars! i mean, colts!

have a safe trip home! see ya in a few weeks!

Lori said...

the boys looked so cute in their jerseys :) merry christmas to all of you!

DR. BOGUS said...

beckham has excellent taste in friends.

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