2007 highlights

  1. Beckham taking his first steps and saying his first word.
  2. TyTy started preschool and thus offering plenty one-of-a-kind wall decor.
  3. Going to the Idaho cabin, Beckham's first time ever, and Ty catching his first trout!
  4. Running my first 1/2 marathon: the IU mini.
  5. TyTy learning spanish.
  6. Being able to be in Utah when the new little cousins joined the Sayer fam: Molly & Adam
  7. Dad had his heart surgery and came out doing great!
  8. Officially reaching the 1/2 way mark of law school!
  9. Taking the boys to WestVirginia to see what a holler is.
  10. Mom coming for Easter to visit.
  11. Matthias getting on the IJLGS (journal).
  12. We moved across town to a new apt/town home (first backyard!)
  13. Trip to Ferron, with the Sayer/Frischknecht family.
  14. BYU won the MWC outright! Go cougs!
  15. Christmas Vacation in Utah: seeing loved ones & being taken out to dinner several times.
  16. Two encounters with highway patrolmen on our summer trip out to Utah: one in Wyoming, one in Nebraska. Only 1 ticket, thanks Wyoming, consequently Nebraska is our least favorite state.
  17. Watching TyTy learn how to play soccer with "coach duis"
  18. Cooking my first turkey ever!
  19. TyTy's 2007 obsessions: ghosts, transformers, and pirates. Beckham's 2007 obsessions: perros, binkies, and horses.
  20. Brewster's Ice-cream
  21. The end of spring semester and the end of fall semester
  22. Temple trip to Louisville, KY & Jordan River, SLC.
  23. Discovering and combating Ty's allergies.
  24. Matthias playing soccer at Karst Farm Park.
  25. Matthias successfully gaining 12 lbs. over the summer only to loose 15 over fall semester.
  26. Remembering Manfred from Germany.
  27. Eating authentic Korean food.
  28. Buying and unfortunately not using our first family tent. Lesson not learned: we just bought our first camping stove.
  29. Made our 25 gallon emergency water storage container useful by putting water in it after having it for 6 years.
  30. Job offer at Abercrombie & Fitch: While shopping, store manager asked Matthias if he was 18 and if so, if he wanted to work there.
  31. Finding my new hobby/obsession: cooking/baking all sorts of new foods.
  32. Meeting new friends: the Brunclik's.

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My Many Coloured Days said...

I love that you journaled all your highlights for the year. What a great remembrance. You have been a busy girl! I'm enjoying your blog and getting to know you better (online!).

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