me time

I haven't posted in the last week because I haven't felt like saying much - we had a really eventful week last week (preschool, Ty's ear infection, play group, library,YMCA family fun night, Chocolate Week festivities, zoo, running 8 miles, swimming, Super Fun Friday, etc.) but for some reason I just feel wordless. And sometimes I feel like all I do is talk about my kids and what we do- then that makes me feel like I really don't have a life outside of my kids... Like all I am is a mom - don't get me wrong, it is the best, but seriously a girl gosta have some self time. So I am going try to think of three things that I did for myself last week:

1. exercised 5 days - woot woot (3 runs and 2 swims)
2. cooked like a maniac: dutch oven bbq ribs; dutch oven chili (thanks for the DO lessons dad!); chocolate ganache made into hot chocolate, orange roughy seared on bacon with balsamic vinegar, honey & rosemary; lemon/coconut bread pudding; chicken-andouille file gumbo; orzo with lemon, garlic, parmigiano & herbs; and fregola with wild mushrooms, sherry & cream. Yes, the food was for the fam, but cooking it was for me.
3. I seriously can't think of a third - I guess a short nap, but that doesn't count!

So here are 3 things that I would like to do for myself this week:
1. Get my quilt top out and finish it (without kids around me).
2. Of course exercise.
3. Go on a date with the husband.

We'll see what happens...

ooooh ooooh #4 - find New Moon and finish the last two chapters! Does anyone have a copy? Help a sista out!


Ola said...

Wow, can I have some recipes please??? I would love to make THIS stuff that you cooked! Sounds soooo yummy!:)

My Many Coloured Days said...

Seriously! Yummy food.

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