tagging of ty and becks

Ty and Becks were tagged by Calvin.
Instructions: list 8 facts about yourself that people probably don't know.

  1. I can take up to an hour to eat each meal, not because I don't want to eat, but because I prefer meal-time conversation over eating.
  2. I have a slight gap between my two front teeth.
  3. My nightly prayers consist of all the thankyou's I have for the day and sometimes tattling on a friend or Beckham.
  4. I am taking a spanish class once a week and I love it!
  5. I received an award earlier this month from a somewhat obscure organization called the curious child conservatory. I was awarded the "question asker of the month" award for registering the most questions asked of any human. (it is a well known fact that children ask more questions than adults so the title can be claimed not just within the child sub-group but as it concerns all humans.) Yeah me!
  6. My dad is my best friend, at least that is what I tell him most of the time. Sometimes when he "disagrees" with my point of view and requires that I spend a few minutes in my room I will renounce the best friend label and let him know that, "I guess we're not friends anymore."
  7. For some reason the whole world places their shoes on the wrong feet, and my parents are trying to get me to buy into this madness. I am holding out and always let them know that my shoes are on the wrong feet!
  8. I appreciate good choices and am not afraid to let other people, even complete strangers, know when they are making what I consider to be a bad choice.
  1. My teeth are adorably crooked. Como a big overbite with spaces. Mi mama bets I'll have to have braces when I am older when they aren't so cute anymore.
  2. I am not yet a big fan of nursery at la iglesia (although it is slowly growing on me), this because I love being with my mom, dad and TyTy sooooooo mucho!
  3. I think it is important to announce to everyone those things that I think are "mine," whether it be the stairs, a certain place on the floor where I am sitting, or the toy that TyTy is playing with. It's all mine, and people need to know this.
  4. I still suck on a binky, at least in la noche, and I fight for it during the dia, all because my parents are too afraid of me to take it away.
  5. When I am in time-out, I crawl under my crib until somebody comes and gets me.
  6. About 1/2 my vocab is in spanish (maybe a little more) and I love my perro, or "erro" as I like to say.
  7. I have great ball skills. I am not old enough to play on Ty's soccer team, but I have gone to his practices and I am a mad dribbler! Balls were meant to be dribbled.
  8. I don't like to be looked at in the car. When my mom and dad look back at me I will first try to hide my face by either turning my head or simply covering it with my hands. If they continue to look at me and my efforts are unsuccessful, which they usually are as my parents just keep looking at me, then I will yell "nooooooo." That always gets them to stop looking and it makes them laugh pretty hard too. Hmm, I wonder if that is why they keep looking at me?
We would like to tag some of our little friends: Halle, Ollie, McKinlee, Mr. T & Little E, Caleb & Isaac, Griswold kids.


Keri Hennefer said...

How fun to read about your cute kids. What a good idea with tagging them. Thanks!

ads said...

How entertaining to read about the antics of Ty and Becks. I can just see them doing all those things. Love to you all!

Kendra said...

cute idea...i'll work on ours over here....

janet said...

love this post. These are things you quickly forget... so it's so great to write them down! You are such a good mom, Anj.

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