best friends

Yesterday Beckham lost his best friend. It was such a sad day for him (and for us). You will no longer see them together. And although he is still mourning his loss, his future looks bright. Yes, we finally took the binky away. It was a traumatic first night, but two days later, he seems to be adjusting to binkyless life. It certainly was hard to witness his utter sadness, but he is a trooper. He does not like the tipless binkies at all and throws them when he finds one. This morning he threw one in the garbage. Pretty funny!

Ty and his good friend Dixon epitomize young friendship. They get along splendidly and rarely argue. They tell each other secrets, play little games that only they understand and just really enjoy being together. From time to time they will even hold hands and give hugs. It is fun to watch them be so happy together. They are the bestest little buddies


My Many Coloured Days said...

Oh I remember those first binkie-less days! This is my second baby to take one, and while its wonderful now, I'm not so sure about the weaning! Cute little friends!

Ola said...

Oh MAN, the day of losing BEST FRIEN for Ollie comes closer and closer... :)

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