29 and feelin' fine

Ode to turning 29

"29 things about Matthias' birthday"

school free, one less than thirty, a mailed birthday bomb,
jones' soda, smelly fire clothes, make-shift tongs,
Beckham's out-of-the-tent
midnight timeout, camping,
dirty feet, sayer's sour cream chocolate cake, dutch oven cooking,

empanadas, stone cold bed, a
spotlight moon,
roasting marshmallows
, rubick's cube, pesky raccoon,
tinfoil breakfast
goodness, new car rack, sweaty fire faces,
29 candles
, Beckham's red chair, zillion facebook messages,
teaching boys how to shoot air soft gun,
laid back day,
friends, Lyons' bed filled tent,
birthday boy,
Oh, and a 5am earthquake

I've always considered Matthias to be very good looking - and in some ways I am getting a little jealous of him. To me, he is one of the lucky ones - who looks better and better with age! I am afraid that we are turning into one of those couples you see where you think, "How did he/she end up with her/him?" The good looks scale is definitely heavier on his side - for sure.

Matthias is an eternal optimist - nothing really gets him down (except when Real SL or BYU football looses). He is always looking at the bright side of things and is giving people the benefit of the doubt. It is so easy to be around him because he is so fun and easy going.

And one more thing that he truly owns is his youthful energy: bouncing balls off the boys heads, teasing and teasing me (especially out of being grumpy), voting we stay up late instead of getting some shut eye, without fail pulling on the emergency break when the roads are slick to spin the car into the parking spot, still playing intramural sports, and always buying the boys treats at the movie theater when I insist they don't need it. I just know he will be the favorite grandpa - one of those grandpa's that will race their grandkids around the backyard and still be able to win!

So Matthias, here's to your last year of being in your 20's. We love being with you!


ads said...

Happy Birthday again, Matthias. We think you are pretty great too, and we also think you are a lucky guy to have such a great little family. Luv ya! ! !

Holly said...

awe! tyty looks so much like the kid i nanny'ed for in new york. so cute. i am not sure what i would have done if i was camping and woken up by an earthquake...

i was sort of hoping tytysr asked for a terminator cake too, but i suppose you covered enough youthful things that may have been overboard.

miss ya!

p.s. you're hotchacha! it is definitely how did he end up with her!!!!!!!! :) i have def overheard some of the iu law guys, haha.

Lenzi Woodbury said...

That looks like so much fun! And I loved the post....it helped paint a better pict for me of who your husband is and it sounds like you are both blessed to have found each other!!

Brad and Marci said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MATT! We miss you and we missed your BIG day. Sorry I had it on my calendar but to follow through with noticing it on the special day is way too much for me. You two are an amazing couple and you are both out of reach the older you get. We learn so much from you guys and we look up to our elder brother ;) Take care and good luck in your last year of being in the twenties ( I heard that is the hardest year ).

Justin said...

I'm going to refrain from wishing Matt a Happy Birthday until he explains to my satisfaction how he can come all the way to New York and not even give me a call.... (PS. Sorry to crash your blog, Hoosier Mama)

Matthias said...

First, many of Andrea's comments are obviously incorrect. The question is obviously why did she settle for him. Second, and this is directed to Justin. I have no idea where you are? I know N.Y. and so while I was there I looked frantically for you, calling your name on every corner, but to no avail. You were not there. Do you really live in N.Y.? I am sure you would have heard me calling if you truly did live there. When you see this message you should take a moment and send me an email at matthiaz@gmail.com. Keep it secret, keep it safe.

Amelia said...

Hi Matthias,
Hope you had a happy birthday! I can't believe how old we are getting. Andrea, your blog is adorable. I love reading your exploits!
Amelia (A WJ Heritage 5th old friend)

Justin said...

It is secret and it is safe. To be fair, as this is New York City, there are people screaming things on the street every day, including about 20 who just scream "Justin". So, if you indeed passed your time screaming my name, it was lost in the drowning cacophony of city life to which I have become all too accustomed.

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