tag schmag

3 joys: 
-beckham, ty, matthias
-being with girlfriends

3 fears:
-having conjoined twins (no i am not pregnant)
-loosing my kids
-law school debt

3 goals:
-finish binding my quilt
-teach ty to read, and tame the beast (beckham)
-learn spanish

3 obsessions/collections:
-cooking healthy meals

3 random facts:
-i've been married for 7 years this month
-I am a new ecomom leader
-Today I decided to boycott fast food restaurants forever. We went to Hardee's tonight and I am not kidding when I say that including the employees, everyone eating there was quite overweight. Not just a little, but quite. While Matthias and the boys ordered, I did not. I will not. I will not become one of them. I will go hungry before I eat fast food again.


Brad and Marci said...

I love your tags because I learn about the Anj I don't get to know while you are here. You are ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! You never cease to surprise me about yourself and I want to learn more about myself like you are about yourself. Thanks for being such a great example.

ads said...

I'm proud of you for your healthy lifestyle goals (as I sit here eating Strawberry Whoppers while I get caught up on the family blogs).

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