A+ pearly whites

I felt victorious today as I walked out of the dentist's office with nothing to do but lick my sparkling clean teeth, smile, and drive home. No cavities, no future cavity filling appointments. My dentist told me I got an A+ and that he didn't have any suggestions for me, but to keep doing what I am doing. It was a little weird how it felt sooooo good to hear that. Maybe it's because I am feeling like I am not getting A's, but B's, C's, D's, and even F's in the other areas of my life - that to hear I am perfect in one area (the oral hygiene area to be exact), made me smile!

Andrea's Report Card
returning phone calls - C
exercising and healthy eating - B
oral hygiene - A
returning friends dishes - F
mom skills today - B
blogging frequency (according to my family) - F
good fashion sense - D


Shawny said...

You returned my dish, so I officially give you bonus points!

Brad and Marci said...

So thanks for Anj, you made me take a mental report of myself and let's just say you are an honor student compared to me. I for sure have always enjoyed your smile and your blogging for that matter! If I was to make you dinner I would bring it to you in baggies or in the good old days I would buy you a Papa Murphy's pizza, I HATE RETURNING DISHES!!!! What a great way to follow your oral hygiene, a B in exercising and eating would be excellent for me at this point. I guess what it boils down to is you're doing a great job and I think I need to cheat off your papers so I can get good grades like you!

My Many Coloured Days said...

Pretty pretty!

And yeah, you're a tough grader!

LindsSawyer said...

You are too hard on yourself! I am sure your fashion sense isn't a D! Ha!

janet said...

you definitely don't get an F in blogging. An F is for those who don't have a blog-- Your family is harsh!

way to go with your no cavities. Our family hasn't been in a year and I am afraid to go now..

ads said...

We've always loved you beautiful pearly white smile. And no F's allowed on your report card. You are an honor student still.

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