to the eldest bro

Happy Bday to my oldest brother, Brad!! For your birthday I have searched far and wide across B-town for your clone. Here he is.

Actually, I didn't have to search too far; Joe is the dad of one of my YW. Crazy how much they look alike, huh? When I first saw Joe I did a double take, because I totally thought I saw you Brad.

And here is the real Brad.

Brad and I are 3 years apart. I spent 1 year in High School with him where he tripped me in the hallways. When Jake Garlic threw snow at my head, Brad threw Jake Garlic's head in the snow. Today, sadly, miles and miles and miles (about 1600) are between us, but I still love my big brother and miss him and his family.
Happy 29th brother!


LRH said...

What an awesome big brother!! I can't believe we are all getting so old!!

Brad and Marci said...

That is so cute Anj, I am glad to hear a nice thing B did to stick up for you as far as I am concerned I have to remind him that I am not his sister so STOP teasing me! We love and miss you as well but those 1600 miles are not going to separate us. You're a great sister to the both of us.

ads said...

Actually, Brad stood up for Anj more than once. I remember he punched a kid for bugging Anj. The kid and his mom showed up on my doorstep to complain. I asked Brad why he did it, and he replied, in front of the mom and kid, that I had told him to "beat the shit out of anyone who messes with my only daughter". Way to go Brad, I always loved your passion for protecting your siblings. Dad

Brad and Marci said...

Luv ya Anj


ads said...

Dad actually posted his comment twice. That is the deleted one. All my babies are grown up, what a bummer, or what fun? I love all my kids. Happy bday B.

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