how the West was NOT won

This was the plan: Matthias had an interview scheduled in Las Vegas (his 3rd one with the firm I might add) the day before my brother's wedding. I was to fly out with the kids and my inlaws to Utah while Matthias and his bro, Zacc, were to drive west to LV and then North to Salt Lake so we could all participate in the wedding celebration--this scheme would avoid four days of roadtripping with two, likely, very unhappy boys in the back seat. Turns out the only two unhappy boys in the car were in the front seats.

So while enroute, crossing into Texas from Oklahoma, imagine, to Matthias' shock and chagrine, receiving a phone call from the firm, "Hello Matthias, we wanted to catch you before you left for the interview and let you know that, blah blah blah economy blah blah blah sorry, blah blah blah we are poor planners blah blah blah, interview cancelled blah blah blah." Uhhhhhh. What? A thirty second phone call was all it took to realize that our strategic planning, mentioned above, was all for nothing, while I and the littlle guys certainly appreciated the much speedier transit in the air, the unfriendly cost of wings over wheels could have and would have been avoided had the interview's ultimate nonexisitence been known to us, uhh maybe a little sooner then 35 hours prior to the actual interview. Lame-O. When Matthias called and filled me in on the news, I thought he was kidding, turns out he wasn't… too bad, would have been better as a joke.

So to make most of the rest of their road trip, they visited the Four Corners,

plotted their revenge on the good for nothing firm,

carried out their plans,

and enjoyed the scenic view of the land without water

***Special note for browsing federal agents: the boys' plans for revenge did not actually involve fiery doom, Matthias is too much of a nice guy too wish fiery doom on anyone.***


Brad and Marci said...

Maybe Matthias should come and conquer the west! Maybe he could figure some water conservation to the land without water or something. Whatever he does make it so you can get closer to us!
I can't help but notice your posting times?! Get some rest before you guys do any conquering.

ads said...

I only wish you could have flown home from Utah as well. I think little boys and big ones, for that matter, can only take so much.

Zacchary Lang Sayer said...

Ha Ha... This is such an accurate description of our road trip home.. So So funny. Love you all!

Brianne & Jarod said...

That totally bites! It is not the most friendly time to be job hunting (stupid law firms!)....Jarod's law firm pushed his start date back two months...so he will be without work and we will be having a baby...AWESOME!

Suzie said...

I can't believe that! That really stinks!

janet said...

congrats on the BIG GRADUATION and to your newlywed bro. I am so glad to hear Matthias burned that LAME-O firm to the ground.

Who wants to be an attorney anyway?

Good luck with the job hunt. Where is Matthias taking the bar?

Hoosier Mama said...

He's taking the IN bar

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