childhood poetry

Over the river

and through the woods,

to the mulberry tree we go!

Stop to sample,
a tree with maple,

Then back to the berries for mo'!

Oh the joys of summer, sigh. The boys have been playing in the woods by our apartment. One day Ty brought me a handful of berries. His lips were stained purple. After interrogating him about the whereabouts of the berries and trying to explain that he can't just eat berries without knowing what kind they are, he reassured me that our friends have some close to their house too and have been eating them for quite sometime now. He also informed me that the dark ones are the best. I love watching him learn from nature - all on his own. I pulled up a berry identification guide online and found out these berries are mulberries - NOT POISONOUS, phew. No, I really wasn't worried too much anyway. Live and learn, baby, live and learn.

Same day, Ty tromped out of the woods and came to me with a finger gobbed with sap. He told me that he was going to bring me enough to make maple syrup and that it tasted plenty good. Hopefully he won't die from his sampling of the woods. Oooh, that's what I'll call it . . . the Taste of the Woods. (Like the Taste of Bloomington or the Taste of Chicago, etc.)


ads said...

Life can't get a whole lot better than exploring the woods and experiencing new and tasty treats. Sounds like summer is off to a good start.

I posted my comment as dad and deleted it - so no worries, it was just me.

Brad and Marci said...

I am just now learning the pleasure and joy of good ol' organic food and it doesn't get anymore organic than that. I figure what doesn't kill them makes them stronger and so far so good (fingers crossed). I can't wait for Cole and Ty to do some exploring at the cabin together. Just maybe you could take Becks and kali and our little baby exploring as well and I'll explore some naps! :)

Suzie said...

That is great that you have all that so close, no wonder you love it there!

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