moose creek cabin

My Great Grandpa Swenson built our family cabin over 50 years ago. I have been going to the cabin every summer my entire life, save two. The Moose Creek lines the cabin property, and it's no wonder it is called Moose Creek. If you wake up early enough, and step outside in the cold morning air, hot chocolate in hand, you often find a moose eating the plants lining the creek. Matthias and Bex were out fishing one morning. Matt heard some noise, a moose had quietly come upon them. Luckily they were close enough to the cabin, so Matthias sent Beckham running back to the cabin while he slowly backed away. We've had a few moose charge, particularly the family dog, Jet. Such awkward looking animals, but so exciting to see.

I attribute my love of nature and outdoors to summers at the cabin. I love taking walks and going on hikes around the area, picking wildflowers, wading in the small creeks, floating the Henry's Fork, feeding fish at Big Springs, and fishing. What has been even more enjoyable is watching my kids do all the things I did as a child up at the cabin. Here's my all time favorite picture this year. Beckham fishing the Moose. We kept telling him to keep his rod tip down and it didn't take long for this to become his natural stance. Little did he know, he was fishing with a crimped lure most of the time. We had too many close calls to a hooked eye and all too many hooked shirts.

Our family (the R. Swens Fam) traditionally cuts the wood and stacks it in the wood shed. The big guys usually have a contest splitting logs and it's fun to watch. Ty and Cole got in on the action this year.

It's no question, if you go to the cabin, you fish (at least for the guys). I like to fish, but on a much smaller scale: spinners on the Moose Creek or trolling on the lake. From tying flies, scouting out spots and talking with the local fisherman, to time spent on the lake and the rivers, the guys sped a lot of time fly fishing. Ty and Cole tied flies together almost every day. They had some great creations.

When my brothers and I were little, my dad would read us scary bear stories from a Bear Attack book. I suspect he read them to us partly because we loved it, but also to keep us scared enough to not wander off in bear country. Papa read a milder story from this book to the boys one night. They loved it.

I think this was our first summer that the entire R. Swenson family was in attendance. The best thing about the cabin is spending time with family. We had so much fun with Nana and Papa, with cousins, and playing card games with the sibs in the evenings. We loved being able to meet and hold our new little cousins, Cash and Nikki. Ty especially loved holding the babies and was so sweet with them.

I love my family and can't wait to see you next year at the cabin!


Eric & Nicole Swenson said...

It was so gOoD to see you guys.. Eric and i felt bad, bc we were so tired from the week and the drive that we slept a lot. One day we will live by each other.. one day! Lets make it a goal k! :) Love you guys!!!

Brad and Marci said...

i think this year was so great with the kids. i really hope we get to see you guys befor next years cabin trip!

Papa said...

Yippee, a cabin blog - good job Anj! It was a great trip to have everyone together and to see the kids enjoy each other so much. We love you and look forward to the next family time at Moose Creek!

ads said...

Life doesn't get much better than spending time with family at the cabin. We love you all and look forward to the time we can all be together again !

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