mom at the luau

zipper spider

Marriot Resort on Kalapaki Bay - first night

me and mom after boogie boarding in Hanalei

Spouting Horn

Queen's Bath

mom and dad at the laua

monk seal at Poi'pu

lava rock at Queen's Bath

Secret Beach

Roots at Secret Beach

Secret Beach with Julie and Roger in the distance

flowers at Poi'pu

under the pier at Hanalei Bay

the pier at Hanalei Bay

trail to Queen's Bath

the view from our balcony - sunrise

my footprints at Sealodge Beach

Kalapaki Bay

Distant light house at Kalapaki Bay

Roosters - everywhere!

sand at Sealodge Beach - larger grains

I have been back from Kauai for a week now and have lovely tan legs. I miss falling asleep to the sound of the ocean waves and waking up to see the sun rise over the ocean. Aaaaaahhhhh. . . It was so fun and restful and beautiful in every way. If I could eat Kauai for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, everyday, I would.

Here's a little travel log:
  • Friday: Kalapaki Beach, Kalapaki Joe's for dinner and live music.
  • Saturday: Kalapaki Beach, Duane's Ono Burger (best burger joint in town) where I had their famous teriyaki burger and marionberry shake.
  • Sunday: Hanalei Bay, Shaved Ice Paradise (Hanalei Bomb on top of coconut icecream)
  • Monday: Played tennis with my mum for the first time, Hike down to Sea Lodge Beach, Hanalei Beach, body surfed
  • Tuesday: Kalihiwai River Kayak followed by a hike to 4 different waterfalls with the cousins (lost one flip-flop crossing the river), hung out by the pool, beautiful seed jewelry at the Luau, THE LUAU (my favorite)
  • Wednesday: Hike along the Napali Coast to Kalalau Beach, Tunnels Beach, Pizza and Macaroons at the Kilauea Bakery
  • Thursday: Tamba's for shirts, Spouting Horn, Tahitian Pearl shops, Poi'Pu where I saw turtles, monk seals and got a bad sunburn, Coconut Grove Shopping, Lampert's Icecream (Maui Mango, yum)
  • Friday: Hike to Queen's Bath, Roger's Lemon Sour Cream Pancakes, Secret Beach (my favorite), Shaved Ice Paradise, Hanalei beach until dusk with cousins.

There is something about exploring a place for the very first time. My mom and dad knew all of the best beaches, shops, restaurants, and shaved ice shacks. They might as well be locals. We mostly stayed on the North Shore but hopped around to hike and see other sights and beaches. Every morning at 6:30am we went on a 4 mile walk. We ate lots of fruit - pineapple being my favorite. As much as I missed the thought of the kids being able to experience Kauai and the beaches, I absolutely enjoyed my time without them. Simply put, this trip made me so happy. I have been feeling so light of heart and optimistic since I was there. Thank you Matthias for making it possible for me and thank you mom and dad for being my personal tour guides and for being so much fun to be with!


Papa said...

Anj - great pics, your mother is beautiful!

Steph said...

Yay for Hawaii!! We just got back from Maui. Looks like you had fun. We loved it, except for the flight....yuck!

ads said...

More pictures of you and Dad please. I have a couple of you that you will chuckle at :)

ads said...

More pictures of you and Dad please. I have a couple of you that you will chuckle at :)

Suzie said...

How fun! I love your pics & am jealous of your fun trip!

Que Onda Clines said...

Wow. What an awesome vacation! It looks like it was beautiful! You had some pretty pictures. Congrats to Matt on the bar and getting inaugurated or whatever it is called as a lawyer!

janet said...

my mouth was watering just looking at those pictures. SO beautiful. Glad you were able to experience it. Hopefully next time your hubby can join you! (I will watch the kids...)

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