game face

The kiddos two favorite games to play are: Old Maid and the Diego counting game.

This is the face Bex pulls when he is choosing a Diego game piece.

Every time.

And so we laugh every time.

He's keeping his eyes closed, trying not to peek inside the bag.

I love this boy.


Brad and Marci said...

Bex is one of a kind and dang cute! I sure hope we get to see him soon.

Que Onda Clines said...

I need to see these little people of yours! Since we never came out to In. and probably won't get there before you leave, we have decided that when you get to D.C. (which is where we know you'll go :) ) We are going to fly there, visit for awhile and then drive the 4 hours to Va beach, hopefully joined by you guys, and stay in a hotel on the beach and love the sun! You guys in?

Hoosier Mama said...

Yes sir ee! It sounds perfect! Let's just hope it work out that way!! Thanks Em!

ads said...

Bex cracks me up. He is a hoot !!!

Eric & Nicole Swenson said...

How adorable! Eric and i both laughed when we saw this.. he is so fun and definatly one of a kind!

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