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Ty has told me numerous times that he wants to be a scientist when he grows up. He eats up all things science. He digs our local science museum, and attended their weekly discovery time for two years before he began Kindergarten. Today, when his Dr. asked him what he wanted to be when he grows up, he said, a scientist... after an astronaut and a fire fighter.

Ty loves non-fiction books about animals, insects, amphibians, and dinosaurs. I hesitantly admit, I hate reading these books to him. I silently groan when I open his backpack every Wednesday to find yet another non-fiction book about dinosaurs. But he loves them, and so I read them to him. My complaint about non-fiction animal books is, usually, the text outweighs the pictures, and the pictures are generally small. Plus it takes FOREVER to read through them.

If you also face this dilemma, check out the author and photographer Nic Bishop. His photos are extraordinary. On the two page spread, a single large photo is on one side while a handful of sentences of text is on the other. What makes the books so great for me is that on each text page there is one sentence that is bold and larger than the rest, so if you are short on time, you could get away with just reading that sentence. I love, love, love his books.

Someday I will feed my little scientists appetite with our own copies of Nic Bishop's Spiders, Frogs, and Marsupials!


ads said...

I believe Ty and Cole both will become scientists. Maybe they can go into business together. I'm so glad Ty has such an inquisitive mind ! What a sweetheart.

Brad and Marci said...

I am with you on rolling the eyes when it comes to those books. I have learned to only read the description of the photos rather than some of the actual text because of the time and the other books waiting in a pile to be read. I'll have to check out this author because sad but true I learn a ton right along with Cole and Kali ( I should have paid better attention back in biology instead of asking myself "when will I ever need to know this stuff?").

Eric & Nicole Swenson said...

Wow that picture is amazing! Cute that they want to be si=omething cool when they grow up.. my little 16yr. old brother wants to drive semi trucks.. bc my dad was a mechanic on them and my step dad that died drove them, so all he remembers is my step dad and him driving them.. I know your kids will be brilliant! :0)

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