sadly, the tree comes early this year

First things first, I'm going to make my blog private. I'll leave the WHY a mystery until I switch it over permanently. Change is in he wind. Just leave your email address in my comments, and most likely, I will add you. ;)

Secondly, we set out on our Christmas tree adventure early this year. (Again, the why will be answered soon.) We usually wait until the day after Thanksgiving to set up our tree. We actually haven't had a tree for 3 years, as we have gone to Utah for the holidays, but this year we will be home, I mean quasi-home. Anyways, I'll share our tree-hunting escapade, because it was very much enjoyed.

We went to the Twin H Tree Farm here in B-town. The farm was big and beautiful, and since we were early we got first picks.

Ty, the explorer.

Beckham wanted a baby beekoo tree.

After walking around for a while, we found the perfect tree, Canaan, 7 foot.

After getting it home, we unpacked the decorations, and let the kids play with them until they were put on the tree. We have a tradition that Matthias' side of the family has had since he was a tyke. Every year each boy gets a horse ornament, and likewise, every girl gets an angel ornament. And so our tree is adorned with mostly horses and a few angels. Beckham won't stop touching the ornaments, and Ty won't stop policing.

the officer

the offender


Shawny said...

shawnytaysom@hotmail.com. You better add me! :)

I think I may know part of your secret...congrats!

And, what a beautiful day to get a tree!

Kendra said...

please add me... I love to eavesdrop on your life!:)

can't wait to hear the secret!


Keri said...

I would love an invite! kbhennefer@hotmail.com

Sarah M said...


love your blog. you inspire me...

EconomouNews said...

i hope i make the cut.



Eric & Nicole Swenson said...

Congrats! We will miss you this thanksgiving.. Here's my gmail account- nicole.ann.jenkins@gmail.com

Mara & Austin said...

I love reading each of your clever posts....so clever!


Mara & Austin said...

I love reading each of your clever posts....so clever!


Mara & Austin said...

I love reading each of your clever posts....so clever!


Mary said...

You have mine. Looking forward to it. Secrete?

Samye said...

Interested to hear why... add me puhlease!

samyepeterson at gmail dot com

Jaclyn and Brandon Tapia said...

Please add me


I love keeping up with everyone :)

Jedda said...

I hope we make the cut too ;) djnsmiles@gmail.com
we need to talk about this surprise-maybe we can help with the details... Congrats on the tree!

Jodie said...

I still read!


Karrie said...

you have mine...and i want in.

Brad and Marci said...

i know you have mine so please add me! we want to do the pick and cut your own tree this year as well so let's hope I can have a fun post like this one.

Que Onda Clines said...

oh I hope someday we can cut trees down together! We will miss you guys so much! Oh and can I come to your private blog??emilysayerfive@gmail.com

Suzie said...

Those boys of yours are too cute! Please invite me to your blog... sorry I haven't commented lately, we've been busy remodeling... hopefully pics on my blog within the next week. My email is paul.suzie@gmail.com
We sure miss you guys this time of year.

Anonymous said...

That bike sure looks awesome! I just love reading about your Bloomington adventures. Happy Holidays and God bless.

Amelia said...

Hey! Invite me!
ameliacbd at yahoo dot com

Erin said...

Andrea! I was just going to tell you how you've inspired me to get my butt in gear with 72 hour kits for me & my boys! You have the greatest ideas! Very thorough. My goal is to have them by the end of the year now. Thanks!

And lucky me with timing, because I see you are going 'private'. I too have been considering this for a little while. Take me along, will you?

Cousin Erin
Fellow mom to 2 awesome little boys!

Tyler and Jill said...

I haven't talked to you in forever and I was so happy when I found your blog. Hopefully you will add me to your private list so I can keep up with you!

Ms. Dottie said...

Matthias I hope you're doing good your family is sweet! Merry Christmas. dottiepauni@msn.com

Heather said...

Please... oh please - add me too!

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