splitting up is hard to do

Thanksgiving weekend.
We drove out to VA to spend the holiday with the Bruncliks, and are thankful to have good friends that help make the holidays bright. The other purpose of driving out was to drop Matthias off in DC to start working. He landed a legal fellowship working for a Congressman and started the week after Thanksgiving. He is living with a relative who very generously is allowing Matthias to stay with them until the time is right for all of us to move out there. (Call me paranoid, but this was the reason I had intended to make my blog private. I didn't want any crazies knowing the kids and I were without Matthias, alone in B-town.)

Most of the details from the trip have faded from my memory. The few I do remember are:
  • Running the Williamsburg Turkey Trot with Linnea (my old running partner and very good friend) Thanksgiving morning. It was the fastest I have ever run (which isn't that fast). My only goal was to keep up with Linnea, and I did - until the last half mile where I ran out of gas. I came in only 30 seconds behind her. I love that lady, she brings out some of the best in me.
  • Taking the boys and Meg to the National Zoo.
  • Visiting the Air and Space Museum.
  • Ty, Beckham, and I taking turns crying during the lonely drive back to Indiana. I don't know why I played all our favorite Christmas songs on the way home. They just made us cry.

Dad, this picture is for you. A Fishing Cat Ty found just for you at the Nat'l Zoo.

Our first visit to the Air and Space Museum.

Chris, this picture is for you - the Wright Brother's airplane.

Fast Forward.
Bloomington, IN.

After the boys and I got back to Indiana, I began substituting. I had wonderful friends help me with the boys. Nights were lonely, days were a blur. We tried our hardest to smile, and we generally did, yet our hearts ached for our daddy in DC. Matthias came home for Christmas and we had THE BEST time lounging around, eating holiday food, and playing games with each other. As it came time for him to leave again, I panicked a bit. We were making it work - being apart, yet it was so hard, me working and taking care of the boys without the support of family close by.

And so, call it our craziness, spontaneity or just out of need, we decided it would be better for the kids and I to head out to Utah to camp out while Matthias and I are apart. Two and a half days later we had all of our belongings packed up in a 10x20 storage unit and began the long drive out to Utah to stay.
Let's call it an extended vacation, that's what I keep telling myself.

Sundance, UT.

Matthias is working part time as an attorney for a Tax Law Firm in DC and part time at the Congressman's office. Things are looking up and he is getting closer to catching a full time job. He flew home to UT for a long weekend and we are enjoying our time together at a cozy cabin in Sundance. He leaves tomorrow to go back to DC.

And there you have it. We are living up the time we have in Utah with family. They have been so supportive and fun. Thank you all so much for your love. We, especially Ty, miss Bloomington and all our friends there. It was difficult to leave our life of three and a half years behind so quickly, but it was time to move on and I feel, I think, that we made the right move. Hopefully it won't be too long before we are together again, wherever that might be. Keep us in your prayers.


ads said...

Is that Meg in the first picture. You certainly packed a lot into your Thanksgiving weekend :)

janet said...

What an experience! As much as law school creates a mentality of life without a husband, it's not the same as having him across the country. Wow! Glad you are with family and enjoying your "vacation". Good luck with everything and we hope Matthias lands a full time job soon so you can be together.

Suzie said...

Oh my goodness! I was not expecting anything in this post! What a whirlwind! I'm so glad you can at least be with family while you have to be apart...that has got to be so hard. I'm sure you're sooo busy, but if you have a min & want to go go lunch, I'd be up for it. Just send me a message on FB or my blog. Also, I have 2 cousins currently living in DC, is there any specific jobs I could ask them about to help you guys out? Let me know, I'd be happy to help in anyway possible.

Que Onda Clines said...

Love you guys Anj!

Jedda said...

Missing you! Hang in there!

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