Episode III of Adventures in DC

December 7, 2009

Ty & Becks,

On Saturday I went to see the Washington Monument with Meg, Kathy, Rob, and some other little primary kids. We drove there while it was snowing! It was very cold. the wind was blowing the rain and snow into my face, it made me so cold. We walked to the very tall Washington Monument and waited our turn to go inside and go ALL the way to the top! There are 550 or so steps to get to the top, but they won't let yo take the stairs because it takes too long, and they don't want to have to come help you down. The elevator goes up 550 feet sooooo fast, it takes about 70 seconds. I was a little scared going up because I was thinking about how high we were going.

From the top I could look out little windows and see down below. Everything was so little. People looked like ants. I couldn't see very far, however, because it was so snowy, I thought I was inside a snow cloud. One day we will all have to go to the top together to see out the windows when it isn't snowing.

Today, I got to go on a tour of the White House. That is where the President lives. You know, Barack Obama. I didn't get to meet him, but his house is very beautiful. There are guards and police all over watching people to make sure they aren't bad guys. They had to check their list to see if your name was on it before they would let you in. Inside President Obama's house there is a gingerbread house that is just like the real white house but a lot smaller. It is even white. The chefs covered the gingerbread in white chocolate.

I am glad you got to make a snowman today (Monday). I bet mom is a great snowman maker.

I sure hope you guys, Ty & Becks are being so so so so nice to mommy. She is very special to me and since I am not there I need someone to look after her. I hope you guys are looking out for mommy and helping make her happy!

I love you all so so so much and can't wait to see you!



PS. I love you Anj and think you are amazing!

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