cabin fever

I call it cabin fever, not because we were cooped up indoors, but because we couldn't wait to go to the Moose Creek Cabin! Usually only the guys go over Memorial to open the cabin and fish, but I couldn't pass up the chance to get outta town, which was great because Mom, Karrie and baby Cash came too!

Our trip began with a very unfortunate event. We were heading to the East Gate of Yellowstone to cut through the park, as it makes our drive a bit shorter. At the entrance, only one lane was open, so we headed for it. As we approached, the gate guard walked right in front of us and slapped an orange cone down. He stated the park was closed - snow and ice on the roads. NOOOOOOOO! Just like that, our anticipated 6 hour drive turned into a 13 hour drive. The only option was to go up and around the park or head home. I wanted to bag the whole trip, but Matthias insisted we trek on. - after all, he wanted to use his new rod on the Madison. So he drove the night through and we arrived at 4am. My dad was waiting up for us, the fire roaring. Mom had our beds made, it was perfect. They are so good to us.

The weather was not desirable, but we had a great time. The girls went walking and talking every day - even while snowing! The guys fished the Madison every day and all were successful. The Moose Creek was beautiful, the boys had a great time exploring, playing games, tying flies, and "cried moose" about 5 times a day. Ty was on a mission to see a bat. We told him that bats are only found in the log cabin (which is the truth!), where Uncle Dave and Nick stayed. Dave was so awesome and rigged up a "bat" on a fishing line. When he pulled the line, it made the bat appear to be flying. The boys walked around the log cabin with their hands over their necks. It was hilarious!

We did not escape the Moose Creek without a doosy. I was taking some shots of the boys on the bridge. When - SPLASH! Bex took a nose dive, the creek swept him under the bridge and he scrambled out on the other side. He was so sad and COLD!Quite a shocking experience!

Next year's contest: the Ugliest Family Photo


Papa said...

What a great weekend, we love being at the cabin with family! Chris had the big fish of the trip, a 21 inch beautiful brown trout out of the Madison! Your boys were so much fun, and Uncle Dave couldn't stop talking about them to Leslie. Thanks for making the effort, I know it was not easy! Love, Papa

Chris said...

thanks for posting the chub on ur blog :) we had so much fun with u guys!!! cant wait for july.

Anonymous said...

What a great time! Wish we went up there! You have the cutest pictures! The boys are so handsome! We're glad beck was okay after falling into the creek!!! Sorry we haven't written forever! I kept trying to see your blog and it wouldn't let me because it's private, but somehow Eric figured it out!

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