the tongue

Hoosier Daddy and Rod Hog catching and releasing beautiful trout on the North Fork of the Tongue River. Only after trying several flies the local fisherman recommended, they started getting bites on one particular fly. It is the . . . I mean it's their little secret and if you want to join them next time, they might let you in on it, maybe. They came home that night and tied up a half dozen to use the next day.

Hoosier Daddy with a Cutthroat

Rod Hog with a nice sized Cutthroat


Anonymous said...

It is so pretty up there! Look how happy papa swenson looks holding a fish.. he's like a kid in the candy store :0) we are excited to go fishing with everyone up at the cabin!

ads said...

I'm glad dad and Matt got to go fishing . . . what fun to fish a new place and have such a good time. Papa is sure to make more trips to Sheridan and the Tongue.

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