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In our family, the end of summer marks the beginning of fall sports season. It begins with football: Matthias coached Ty's Little Guy flag football team and is still playing in adult league flag football. Sh-town High School Bronc football (the highest level of football in town, eh eh) is a treat to attend, and we are in the thick of BYU football (although I hesitate to even mention that.) The sporting season is extended with fall soccer. Bex participated in Itty Bitty soccer, and Matthias is coaching Ty's soccer team.

Although I am not currently involved in a team sport, I am trying to embrace the player I have become on my own family team. My current positions: taxi cab driver, cheerleader, water girl, and official uniform finder (how do they get lost so easily?)

It has been interesting for me to observe my boys' personalities in their sports. Ty hasn't been very motivated to try hard in sports so far. He is a little bit timid playing and is non-aggressive. Part is due to his size, he's a small kid and he gets intimidated by the bigger players. We have had lots of talks about not shying away from contact, and he is picking up on it, but again, it's just his personality. Ty likes being on a team but we can't tell if he loves sports. Beckham absolutely loves soccer and football. He always wants to throw or kick the ball with anyone who will play with him. He engages in the game and gets excited about playing. He is aggressive and territorial. He is coordinated and athletic. That is Beckham. 

The difference is interesting and begs the question, is one personality trait better than the other? Because sports have been a big part of our lives, we want for Ty to be a little more into playing. On the other hand, we also wish that Beckham would be a nicer, obedient, and more responsible kid sometimes. And so to answer my own question, no, I don't think that one is better than the other. As long as my kids are happy with themselves, I am pleased.

Ty in the blue hoodie, standing behind our biggest player, ready to hi-5 the opposing team.

Matthias pumping Ty up on the defensive line.
Ty ready to receive!
Ty on the defensive line - he's so little!
And here's our little Beckham, carrying the ball.

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ads said...

Your kids are getting great experience in life lessons with their sports and are sooo cute. Way to go cheerleader mom and coach dad.

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