sworn in

Matthias is finally official in this state, and now has three states in his bar repertoire. 

The judge was pretty great to the kids and invited them back into his "chamber of secrets," as he called it, where he showed his escape door and bags of candy, his very own fridge and huge desk. They loved his black robe and thought he was pretty awesome. 

It conjured up a memory that has been stored in the back of my mind. A time when I was really little. I must have only been 4 or 5 because I wasn't in school. My grandpa Jones, a retired judge, took me to work with him to pick something up from his office. As we walked in, and went up the elevator, and through the hallways, several people greeted him saying, Hello your Honor. I thought to myself, Grandpa is important, Grandpa is cool! He introduced me to several people and then he showed me his office, or "chambers." I remember a curious contraption sitting on top of his desk. It had several metal balls suspended on cords and when you pulled on the outside ball, it started a chain reaction of the balls bouncing out and clicking in. This Judge that we met today had the same contraption on his desk. Good memory.


Karrie said...

u look hot...i like your hair :)

Papa said...

What a great day, congrats Matt! You all have such a sweet little family. It is cool to see how all of our kids and their respective families are doing so well. We are proud of all of you!

ads said...

Congratulations to all of you - a great day indeed! The outside of the courthouse makes it look historical . . . cool! You do look very chic, especially for little, homey Sheridan.

Brad and Marci said...

Congrats you guys! You all look so great but oh my Anj, you look so gorgeous! What a great experience for your kids to be able to be a part of and what a proud moment that must have been. Matt, you sure are an amazing person and now I have one more thing to look up to you for.

It looks like you are going to change one state at a time minus the three you are already legal in! I can't wait to see you guys will accomplish next. . . .maybe another kid to equal your three state repertoire : )

Congrats again and now I will check out the rest of your blog so count this as a comment on all of the new posts and just know that I love them all.

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