february news

February was a bitter month - bitter. We had a few days with the high temperature being negative eight!  Lucky for us, we were able to see our family quite a bit. 

Brad and Marci and kids came out to visit us. We had such a great time with them, and the kids loved being crazy little hooligans with each other. There wasn't much going on here in town, so we drove down to Fort Collins to go to a Children's Museum and see my cousin. Brad took pictures of us and the kids  dissected pig hearts. We really didn't do much during their trip here, but laughed a lot and lounged around. We worked on Valentine's for the kids' classmates and made sugar cookie cutouts. Ty cried for about 15 minutes after they left to go home, it made me cry too. He loves his cousins so much. The next day as he was getting ready for school, he brought the hair gel to me and said, "Will you do my hair like Uncle Brad's?"  Adorable. Thanks for making the trip out to see us B&M. We love ya mucho!

My parents came out a week later. We had a great time with them as well. The weather was still frigid, so we stayed inside most of the time just hanging around. We did take the boys to see the Biebs movie. Bex didn't have much interest and frequently asked if we could go, Mom and I laughed and laughed over the screaming girls, and Matthias was entertained by Ty bee-bopping in his chair. After the movie when we asked Ty what he thought, he said. "Uh, it was alright."  Sure... he was singing to the songs and sitting on the edge of his seat the entire time. Ha! The boys tied flies, mom and I worked on party invitations for Ty's birthday, and we made Chinese food together.  We love having visitors - so thank you so much for making the effort to come see us! It means so much. 

Lastly, my cousin Sarah and her hubs Nick came up for dinner. Their girls are adorable - classic Beckham had a hard time sharing with Caroline, but I'm glad she could hold her own with him. Little Ruby was to die for!  She made me want my own little girl.   

And that was February... frigid, family-filled February!

Marci - thanks for editing my wrinkles! 

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Anonymous said...

Hahaha.. i was wondering how you guys looked like you were out of a magazine... thanks to marc. You two are a gorgeous couple, but i can never make my pictures make me look that good w/o blemishes and wrinkles haha so cute!

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