Ty's Birthday Basketball Jam

Happy Birthday Ty!

Ty requested a birthday party this year... we had a hard time thinking up of an idea that he liked enough. We finally settled on a March Madness Basketball theme (thanks to the papa.) We ran with it and thought up many fun ideas. The invitations were over-sized ticket stubs, the kids wore their favorite basketball jerseys. At the party, the kids made their own trading cards. We made all of our decorations out of construction paper, poster board, old NBA trading cards that Matthias had saved from the 90's, streamers and balloons. Matthias played some classic basketball games with the kids, and then we had a concession stand for lunch. There were hot dogs, sodas, popcorn, cotton candy, boxed candy, chips. I gave each of the kids $5 fake bucks to spend on the concession stand. It was a riot seeing them try to barter with Matthias on what they wanted. One kid bought only treats and pop. Another kid wanted a ketchup sandwich and insisted that he ought to get 2 ketchup sandwiches for the price of one hot dog. When we said the kids could have refills on their sodas, they told us that if we did free refills, then we had to give out free hot dogs, because a real concession stand wouldn't give refills. Ha! It was a great party, and Ty was thrilled. His Jimmer jersey from Grandma and Grandpa came just in time!

Ty's Stats:
Age: 7
Weight: 46 lbs
Height: 48 inches
Grade: 1st
Hero: Jimmer
Favorite color: blue
Breakfast request: pancakes
Current sport: Tae-Kwon-Doe
Favorite school subject: recess
His birthday wish: a remote control helicopter and a tackle box
Friends: Mark, Isaiah, Kellan, Joey, Caleb, Cameron, Braxton, Matt, and Zacc.
Collections: rocks, legos, seashells


Anonymous said...

Cute idea!!! Happy birthday ty buddy! We miss you guys! Glad your blogging again!!!! :0)

Anonymous said...
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Chris said...

How cute!! Ty looks so happy :)

ads said...

Happy, Happy Birthday Ty. We love you so much. Your party looks like it was awesome. Papa was very clever indeed, but your mom and dad are amazing.

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