my baby is 5

Bex is a big 5 year old now! He has been looking forward to this birthday for it seems a long time!  He decided to have a Baseball themed party this year. We made it into a little Baseball Training Camp, where we timed how fast they could run around the bases, pitched into a target, played "hot box" and practiced spitting sunflower seeds. It was complete with a snack stand, personalized trading cards, and all the kids wore their favorite ball cap. Their favorite game was of course spitting sunflower seeds. We began by competing for who could spit the farthest. It quickly turned into a spitting war! Matthias and I didn't intervene because they were having so much fun! 

The birthday bomber is still a mystery to the boys, and a total must. Beckham had been speculating for days and was so excited to wake up to a bomb. He had confetti, starburst and tootsie roll pops all over the floor.

Beckham's Stats:
Age: 5
Weight: 39 lbs
Height: 42 inches
Grade: Preschool
Hero: Batman & Superman
Favorite color: red
Dinner request: scrambled eggs and toast
Current sport: Soccer
Favorite thing to do: play with friends
His birthday wish: Star Wars Wii game
Friends: Nate, Gideon, Zacc, Jonah, Sophi, Sam, Brighton, Tayson, Olivia
Favorite toys: little lego guys


Karrie said...

Happy Birthday Bex! you have cute birthday Ideas, good job!

Karrie said...

oh ya just for the record cash weights 29.something...THREE years younger then bex lol

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