so thankful for...

family who comes to visit!

The entire Sayer crew came all the way up to Sheridan to spend Thanksgiving with us. All but Cynth and Just crammed into our tiny house and partied for 4 days! The cousins all slept together in the same room and played hard during the day. It was crazy fun! We took the kids to see Tangled, went on the famous Christmas Stroll. The kids went sledding, the guys watched the BYU game. I got a babysitter duo to watch all the grandkids so that the adults could go out to dinner with each other. I even snuck away at midnight to do some black friday shopping!

 Our Thanksgiving feast was fantastic, everyone was so great to help out. The turkey was a little dry, it may take me years to master that! We put together a vegetable platter, cheese and cracker platter and chips with clam dip for the appetizers. We had a herb-brined turkey, rustic mashed potatoes, grape salad with cream cheese and walnuts, rosemary/orange cranberry sauce, home-made rolls, rosemary gravy, salad, and I bought a couple of pies, but everyone was so full we couldn't even think of dessert. 

It meant so much to us that everyone would drive 9 hrs to come and see us. We love you all and will always remember our thanksgiving together in Sheridan! We are thankful for you!

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