Several times in June, we went to a nearby state park to enjoy the outdoors. Our first trip was memorable for several reasons. Spring was in the air, although it wasn't quite showing yet in the greenery. We spotted a bluebird amongst the still dormant brush that told us to be patient, spring was coming. We went on a 5 mile hike (quite a feat for Master Beckham). As we walked, the three boys were pretending that the pinecones were bombs and kept tossing them at eachother and making exploding sounds. They also found sticks perfect to use as guns. I felt very safe with my own army of bomb throwing soldiers surrounding me. Luckily I was hit only once, the damage was minimal.  

Our hike ended at "the Chameleon," a large rock feature, perfect for adventure and climbing. It was the first time I had seen Ty achieve such heights without being tied to a rope. It made my stomach turn in every direction and finally I had to turn away while Matthias coached him down. 

Matthias climbed many trees, and unbeknownst to him, picked up a little friend from one of his treacherous tree climbs. This little friend made his debut the next day as I was hopping in the shower and found it on my back! Yikes! The reason I assumed Matthias was the initial carrier, was the fact that I was not adventuring through the brush and trees. I stayed on the straight and narrow path. The tick must have found its way from Matthias pants neatly laid on our bed, to my back later that night. Eeeew! Lucky for me, it hadn't burrowed in.  

We loved this spot so much, we went with friends to camp out the next weekend. We told stories around the campfire, fished, explored, checked for ticks several times, and rock climbed. 

Ty is quite the climber. While soccer and other organized sports have been tougher for him to get enthusiastic about, I can say that rock climbing is his thing. It comes more naturally to him. 


Nana said...

What fun adventures in the great outdoors. Ticks and mosquitos - I can certainly do without them though. Ty looks like an awesome climber and Bex looks like he is giving it a good shot.

Chris said...

that place looks so pretty!!
oh this is karrie :)

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