Night at the Museum: Rexy attacks!

Days before school ended, I went with Ty and his classmates on their last field trip of the year. The bus ride was revealing for two reasons. First, I came to know that my son's charming "first grade humor" is not specific to just him. All the other kids were talking like babies as well.  And second, my son stinks way less than most other kids that were on the bus. All good to know, but excruciating to sit through.

Ty's excitement about learning is infectious. He practically ran from exhibit to exhibit, spouting off random facts to me, and took a moment or two to goof off with the dinosaur bones. He had an amazing teacher this year, Mrs. J, she reminds me much of Mrs. Frizzle from the Magic School Bus series. It was fun to see Ty with his friends, and the camaraderie they share. Goodbye 1st grade!

Matthias went to eat lunch with Ty. Guests are invited to eat on the stage and the student gets to invite friends to eat with them. Ty invited all the boys in his class to eat with he and his dad. 

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