paddle boating

The boys invited their favorite friends over for a sleepover one night during the summer. The boys came over early and I took them out to Sloan's Lake to paddle boat around. Grant was the only kid with long enough legs to reach the peddles, and so I did most of the peddling. We went all around the lake and found sticks, chased geese, it was quite a workout!

We are just beginning to do the sleepover thing with friends, and apparently the two boys we invited are just beginning to as well. Grant had actually never had a sleepover, and gets homesick rather easily, so he cut the sleepover short and went home around 10:30. Ty was so upset. Like REALLY upset. I've never seen him be this rude to a friend, but he kept saying things like, "He's ruining the sleepover." and "This is the worst sleepover I've ever had!" He was almost in tears, (he does get weepy when he stays up too late) and so I had to remind him that he did the same thing to his cousin Cole and that he was just going to go to sleep anyway. It didn't help much, but we did have a more successful sleepover recently with our friends, the Brenchleys, out on the tramp. The kids were in heaven. They love sleepovers!

Here's hoping for more sleepovers with friends in the future.

I just love this one of Beckham. He's is such a fun kid!

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Nana said...

You do lots of fun things with your boys, good mommy that you are. I hope Grant will be able to have another sleep over sometime.

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