halloween adult costume party

My friend, Nicole, and I threw a spectacular Halloween party. Matthias least favorite holiday is Halloween and he hates dressing up... but I got my way this year, and he was a good sport. Starting at the top left and working down: Matthias and I as a hair stylist and a customer (inspired by our recent visitor), Luke & Emily as babies (she's 8 months pregnant and they even wore diapers!), Phil & Nicole as Frankenstien and his bride, Molly and Jay as Publisher's Clearing house winner and announcer, Sam and Kim as Ketchup and Mustard, Russ and Heather our King and Queen, Emily and her husband as a Star Trek girl and a party pooper, and Shelly and her hub as a M&M and we think Darth Mal. 

To kick off our night, Nicole and I created a Halloween picture scavenger hunt around town. It was super fun and surprisingly, people were very competitive. Then we ate some fab food and played Halloween pictionary. Fun Fun night, I felt like a kid again.

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Nana said...

I actually looked at this blog quite a while ago, but didn't comment. I'm impressed that Matthias did dress up, knowing how much he loves Halloween. What a great party you all had.

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