meeting Real Salt Lake

One day out in Utah, Emily had a genius idea to take the kids to go watch the RSL team practice. Matthias was busy taking the UT bar, so he couldn't join us, (much to his disappointment). We got there and sat on the sidelines. I felt a bit sheepish sitting there as close as we were watching them all play... it brought me back to my high school days. The boys loved it of course, which was really the reason we went. When they were running ladders at the end, Ty ran with them on the sideline. It was fun being able to spot the players we knew. I didn't dare ask them for pictures, so I left it to Emily and she & Ty were brave enough to walk right up to them take shots when practice was over. How could they not?? Thanks for the good time Auntie Em. GOOOOOOOO RSL!

Ty & Nick Rimando

Ty & Beckham with Chris Wingert & Tony Beltran

Ty with Nat Borchers & Robbie Russell

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