christmas advent calendar

Instead of treats, we have a fun activity countdown to Christmas this year. I made activity cards with some home-brewed scratch-off paint over the words. The boys are having a good time scratching off the paint with coins and love doing something Christmasy every day. 

  1. "Tinsel through Time" at the Governor's Mansion
  2. Watch "the Grinch"
  3. Stay up 1 hour past bed time
  4. Watch Luke 2 on DVD and sing Silent Night
  5. Let's have pizza tonight!
  6. Let's make gingersnaps!
  7. Start a puzzle
  8. Tell our favorite Christmas memories before bed
  9. Ward Christmas party
  10. Sleep under the Christmas tree
  11. Caroling with the Brenchley's
  12. Indoor snowball fight
  13. Gingerbread house
  14. Read "A Christmas Carol" before bed
  15. Cut snowflakes
  16. Hot Chocolate party with friends
  17. Drive around town to see lights in PJ's
  18. Learn new card game
  19. Ice skating
  20. Christmas shopping for brother and wrap presents
  21. Drive to Utah!
  22. Pioneer Village
  23. Jones Family Christmas Party
  24. Leave out cookies for Santa & sprinkle Magic Dust
  25. Merry Christmas!

1 comment:

Nana said...

What a cute idea Andrea. You are always so creative.

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