elf on our shelf

Joan ordered us an "Elf on the Shelf" several years back. This is our fourth Christmas with our elf, and he is off to a naughty start, evidenced by the pictures below! Teeny Tiny Snowball (as the kids named him) is usually uncreative and only hides in different spots every day, but this year he has some new ideas and we area all having fun with him. The boys have been waking up earlier than normal to find him, then they run into our room every morning to excitedly report. Oh what fun!

He toilet papered our tree!

And drew on our pictures!


Brad and Marci said...

Ha ha, silly snowball! Brad and I were going through our apps and found a fireplace and we decided to let Buddy enjoy a free night with Barbie. It sure is a lot more fun to have a teasing elf to switch things up.

I have to say Anj your advent calendar is a must copy for next year and of course if I get any of my other kids losing their teeth around Christmas time I am going to copy you again!

Love you tons and I can't wait to see you in a couple of weeks as well as Cole, Kali and Nikki (they sure love their cousins).

Nana said...

I don't know if Snowball and Buddy would qualify for Christmas presents this year, they are being kind of naughty, but fun for sure. I love it !

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