This week our friends the Hanselmanns, are out of town, and we agreed to take care of Eagan, their three year old boy, for the week. He came over last night around 10:30 pm and went straight to bed next to TyTy's on a mattress on the floor. Apparently Eagan and Ty had some pressing business to take care of because they awoke at 4:00 am to determine what movie they were going to watch today. They also discussed which transformer characters they were and practiced transforming. It is difficult to reproduce the "transform" noise, especially textually, but Eagan and Ty were both "keh kuh kuh koh kih"'ing over and over. It is quite funny, but at 4:00 am it is not that funny when everyone else in the house is trying to sleep. We had to notify the transformers of their lack of protocol and convince them that it was not yet morning and to go back to sleep. Luckily, they did fall back asleep and the autobot discussions were postponed, until about 7:00, when, without missing a beat they were back at it discussing who was Optimus Prime, and who was Bumblebee.

On a somewhat related note, when not transformers, they still must be something. Today the other something was the "good spider-man" for Ty and . . . Daphne, from ScoobyDoo for Eagan. We tried to convince him that perhaps Fred or Shaggy were better choices, but it was Daphne or bust. He wouldn't respond unless you said, "Daphne, come eat," or "Daphne, please put your socks on for church." etc. etc. When we said "hey Eagan . . . ." he would say, "no, I'm Daphne." He would try to tell Ty that he should be Velma, but Ty's consistent response was, "No, I'm the good spider-man." Strange crowd, Daphne and Spidey hanging out together. MaryJane is not going to like that!


janet said...

Hey Andrea--

that sounds EXACTLY what happens at my house.. down to the "ker kuh koo" ing. Don't you just love having boys? Especially at 4 am. I posted a cool Transformer website on my blog a while ago... http://www.suityourself.tv/
My boys LOVED this because they really were Megatron and Bumblebee.

You are SO much fun. I would love being a law school widow with you. I'm sure you're making lots of friends and having the best parties! Hope Matthias is surviving school (and everything that comes with it!)

Please tell the Sayers hello from me-- especially Grandma Joanie. Fun to see pictures of your DARLING little boys!

Sarah M said...

that is an awesome story. I secretly hope, a little, that we have a boy.

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