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So I really need to catch up on my blog. If hell is what I picture it is to be, then I think I was there this past week! All I will say is: finals and 3 kids. BUT I got through it and Matt has his last final on Monday morning - and then we are going to party!!! We did do some fun things this week though, and so here they are:

TyTy went to a friend's birthday party at the bowling alley... fun... there was a ramp for the little kids that they could put their 6lb. ball on and roll it down - Ty wanted to roll it by himself though, and therefore Beckham did as well, except Beckham wanted to roll it every where else but the alley! Here are a few pics of the occasion.

We had our first snow in Indiana - although it doesn't look like it. There is nothing like plentiful white fluffy Utah snow - oh how I miss it - mostly just for the boys to play in. I hear they are having a great snow storm right now 8-12 inches in one day! (Jealous!) This is a pic of Ty and Eagan all bundled up ready to play in the snow. All they got were a couple of flakes on their hoods. Bummer! Aren't they so cute? After they came in, they kept looking out the window asking where the snow was... a couple of flakes shouldn't be considered snow I guess. I think it is supposed to be snowing the day before we fly in to Utah... flying over the snow covered Rockies makes for an amazing view! Can't wait to be in Utah. Indiana snow is more like falling shaved ice, not snow.

Lots more to say that I will fill you in on tommorrow! Hopefully!


ads said...

Well, you made it through the week and life is good now, yes? Are you anxious to actually have three kids? Life just gets more exciting with each one.

Tausha said...

Andrea! I love the blog. My kids know just about everything they are getting for Christmas and have even taken some of it out of the box (much to my dismay). I wonder if they will ever really believe in Santa. Good Luck! We are excited to see you! And yes, sometimes 3 kids is just more than I can handle too.

Lori said...

i have a feeling you're trying to jinx indiana - by saying we never get any real snow here, we're probably going to have some huge storm in january or something! ahhhh! nooooo! :)

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