it tastes like snow

Today while the boys ate lunch I whipped up a treat for them- the recipe is from the Friend (a church children's magazine we get). Simply, they are rice krispy treats shaped into balls and rolled into powdered sugar - made to look like snowballs, hence the name, "snowball dessert." I found they rough up the roof of the mouth and are chalky, but Ty and Matthias loved them...kids. When I asked Ty if they were good, he said, "It tastes like snow... sugary snow!"

Today was freezing cold and I didn't plan anything for the boys other than Preschool because I hate leaving my house when it gets this cold, so after Ty asking several times where we were going and me answering, "nowhere," he asked if I would read the Velveteen Rabbit to him. I checked it out from the library last week not knowing if I would ever get to it, but we snuggled up with eachother and a blanky and read it the whole way through. After we finished Ty said, "But I am not a real rabbit." ? ok ? And it was never mentioned again.


Kendra said...

not a whole lot better than good books, snuggled up on the couch with good company on a cold day:)

Ola said...

Oh, how sweet...:)
Don't you just LOVE moments like this?

My Many Coloured Days said...

Unplanned and unhurried days can be the best. I'm curious about your "preschool"?

Tausha said...

I need your address so i can send you a new years card. Just put it on my non-updated blog. I'll look for it. You are brave to do anything, most days at our house are stay at home days.

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