happy heart day!

10 ways we celebrated St. Valentine's:

1. Went to Wonder Lab yesterday for discovery hour and learned all about the heart and blood. Ty & Becks loved it! They got to listen to each other's heart beats, found their own pulse, learned that when they run how their heart beats faster, and learned why they get scabs (which fascinated Ty because he had a "goggle cut" scab).

2. Made heart shaped sugar cookies for friends. Out of the whole batch only about 6 made it out. Half of them got burned and the 6 that were decorated by the boys were all licked clean of frosting and sprinkles in 3 minutes... gross. A secret ingredient from my mom that I would like to pass along is adding orange peel rind in the dough. Yum!

3. This morning I made pink heart pancakes for the boys, they loved them!

4. Ty exchanged valentines at school and delivered some to friends. By this evening Ty's cheeks got to be a rosy red = lots of corn syrup candy, poor guy! I am lax on holidays with the
no-corn diet.

5. Made mini heart shaped pizzas for dinner. I cut the pepperoni into heart shapes.

6. Decorated Valentine cakes and delivered them to new members in our ward for YW's last night.

7. Had FHE lesson with the Lyons on Love. We learned about all that HF has given us because he loves us. Then we took turns drawing a heart out of a bag that listed something to do to show a person in the family that we love them. We used the cut out from the Friend.

8. Made and received V-day phone calls to grandparents and cousins. Thanks for the valentine packages and letters! We love and miss our family!

9. Rented Pride & Prejudice and No Reservations.

10. We are going to Super Fun Friday tomorrow to participate in a Be My Valentine activity.


Ola said...

Wow! Really cool! :)

Hope said...

Sounds fun! I have been dying to see No Reservations. Let me know if it is good!

My Many Coloured Days said...

Wow! It's like Christmas at your house! -Your #'s not on my ward list - so call me about TyTy's part.

The Blanchard Family said...

That was nice of you...I think my little Stock is pretty cute too! I just took a glance at your blog and based on that it sounds like things are going really good for you! Your boys are darling! Good to hear from you!

Keri Hennefer said...

You are such a cute mom! I love all of the ideas that you come up with! Your always so creative! I'm glad you had a fun Valentine's Day.

Shawny said...

You are a Valentine's Super Mom! My favorite are the heart-shaped pepperonis!

Samye said...

What a busy Valentines day!! Sounds like you guys had a lot of fun!!

janet said...

Now that is the RIGHT way to celebrate Valentine's day!

Sus said...

hey, i was going to take my kids to super fun friday (at allison jutebox, right?) last week but we were all under the weather. maybe we'll run into you sometime.

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