dreamy day

Yesterday was an AMAZING day for me!! Let me tell you about it.

I ran a 10k race (Enlisted Dining Out) with my friend Linnea. The course went around the 181st Fighter Wing of the Terra Haute International Airport - Hulman Field. It took about an hr to get out there and another hr to get back, but it was so great so just hang out with Linnea and run the race. At the first turn-off in the race, everyone went the wrong way and soon the leader figured it out, so he turned us all around. I think we went an extra quarter mile. But we finished right around 57 minutes, so we were really proud of ourselves for the time considering the extra mileage!

Later that evening I got to go to dinner and to EVITA with Linnea also! It was payday I think for both of us after a couple of hard months at home with the kids. Evita was amazing! We were on the 2nd row! I can't get the song "I'd be Surprisingly Good for You" out of my head. Love it! Dinner was fantastic (a quaint little Italian resturuant called Ragazzi Arte Cafe.) They had a live band - accordion type music.

Of course I can't not say thanks enough to Matthias for being so great with the boys all day. When I got home from the race, it smelled like a freshly baked cake in our house. He had made waffles for breakfast for the boys - from scratch!! What a superstar!


Shawny said...

You are one lucky girl! AND, congrats on the 10K. That's so awesome and inspiring!

My Many Coloured Days said...

What a day! Good job on your race, girl! It was a beautiful day for it.

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