tagging of my purse

My friend Ola tagged me with this out of the ordinary tagging requirement: take a pic of your purse and it's contents. And I'll add on a second requirement: you can't take out or add to the contents for the picture. I'm not big on tags, but I think this one is funny and somewhat shows a person's personality. I really do love my new purse from Matthias - he got it for me in NY- and I have been wanting to show it off!
Purse: counterfeit designer purse from Canal Street, NY
  • red checkbook/wallet which includes ID, checks, cards, change, pen
  • Reeses Pieces - empty of course
  • receipts
  • Lip Smackers Aztec Punch chapstick - for the boys
  • Victoria's Secret Beauty Rush lip gloss (Lotta Colada)- for me- it will be lost in two weeks I'm sure.
  • Kroger Coupons - good intentions
  • Envelope of paychecks that I keep forgetting to cash!
  • Last week's Grocery List
  • 4 sunscreen packets (SPF 30) - I hate it when I forget to bring sunscreen for the boys when we go to the park.
  • cell phone - wow, there it is!
I would love to see Sarah, Sus, Kendra (because she makes her own purses), mmcd's, Keri, Heather, Karrie S., Lenzi & Lindsay do this.

PS... the only reason it doesn't have much in it as of today is because I just put everything into it a couple of days ago. It hasn't had a chance to become the bottomless pit of receipts, wrappers, and toys. You know, missing every call because I can't find my phone in there.

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