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I received a comment on the exciting car troubles in WV post, which merits a comment of my own. I originally erased the comment, as it was a bit distasteful, but have since decided that it deserved a response. Here is what "Deadman_20_inc" had to say regarding my post.

"The only thing I can say is if you travel and break down and the only thing you can tell your help is the state you are in, you need to quit traveling. Sounds like the mechanic at the garage was trying to 'joke' with you to make your down time less stressful. I have had mechanics say similar things as I was broke down and it took my mind off of the problems at hand. Apparently you have no since of 'humor' or direction when you travel and need to stay in the 'hoosier'. The only thing I can say it was much nicer when women were 'seen' and not 'heard'." [sic]

First, I am going to assume this person is not a woman, given his very clever remark regarding women being seen and not heard. Second, I have no idea who he is. "Deadman_20_inc" has never commented before. Third, after review of the tracker system I employ on the site, I have determined that "deadman" is from Daniels, WV.

Now, for my response, I first want to indicate that I hold no illregard for WV or the people of that state. I have some very dear friends who are from WV and have nothing but warm and special feelings for them and their respective families, as I had the opportunity to travel to their home in WV and visit their families last Fall. The illregard I do hold is in directed toward Beckley, insofar as that is where our car died, where we spent four hours in a small and dirty little room with our little boys, where we were essentially stranded. That was not a very . . . fun, pleasant or enjoyable experience. Perhaps it can be analogized to going to an amusement park, going on a ride that causes you to become sick and then throwing-up. You may love the park, but you are probably not going to go back on that ride again, and when people ask you how you liked the park, your likely response will include some distaste for that one evil ride.

Furthermore, "deadman" we were quite aware of where we were in WV, that is the I-64 westbound somewhere near Sandstone, but to our detriment, we were not making note of every mile marker we were passing. If that is what a "good" traveler must do, then perhaps you are right, maybe we should not travel anymore, but I don't think you are right and I probably will not adopt your methods of mile marker tracking in the future. Sorry.

As for the insurance collection recommendations, we assumed, initially, that the suggestions were made in jest, however, the frequent and continuing nature of the suggestions along with the diverse nature of the suggestions, from burning the car, drowning the car, leaving it open for thieves, evidenced that the comments were more than mere sarcasm or efforts to "take my mind off of the problems at hand." If indeed the mechanic was interested in making our downtime less stressful, he could have taken a look at our car sometime before four hours after we arrived at his shop.

Contrary to your opinion, I think that I have a rather well-developed "since of humor" [sic], perhaps these certain mechanics were attempting humor, but if so, it was lost on us after the fifth or sixth time they mentioned the option that they thought was available to us.

Finally, I apologize for giving any sort of negative impression of WV, if indeed I did. The state is beautiful and, like many, probably most states, it is home to many wonderful people. However, WV does entertain a certain stereotype, which stereotype is unfortunately bolstered by our friend "deadman." If indeed you hold the opinion that times were nicer when women were seen and not heard, such is probably an opinion that you should keep to yourself. I don't think you will find many, if any, who are sympathetic to your point of view. I enjoy living today when in addition to being seen I can also be heard.

Have a nice day!


My Many Coloured Days said...

You go girl!

Shawny said...

Amen! I could say A LOT but will refrain myself and just express my disappointment in this sad, backward, archaic, and completely chauvinistic thinking.

Blogger's privacy feature is looking pretty appealing about now.

Sarah M said...

wow. i can't believe a random made such comments. you need to go into your blogger preferences and check the box that inhibits blogger from advertising your blog on their site so that the number of random people on your blog significantly decreases.
ps. your mom is awesome. it gives me such hope that my girl will still love my family even though she won't get to see them all the time.

Jennifer said...

I am a friend of "my many coloured days" and I am very new to the blogging world so I have been enjoying exploring other blogs. I hope you do not mind me commenting on yours. I am enjoying your posts. Especially this one. I loved that you responded to your comment. So sorry about your car. And hooray for church members!!

Hope said...

Awesome! We got a scary comment and privatized! I wish I had the guts to fight back! BTW- We had to privatize our site fast because it was pedophile related so be careful! But if you know anyone that is a reader (yourself included) please let me know and I will add addresses!

Hoosier Mama said...

hope, i would love to be added to your blog!

Ola said...

I'm glad you fought back... You go girl!!! :0

Jill Bowcutt said...

Oh my gosh. I just had so much fun reading that!

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