nana, stay for "just a couple more whiles"

This past week, over Easter weekend, my sweet mom came to visit us! I told my dad on the phone today after we sadly took her to the airport that it was just a tease visit - not long enough! We had a wonderful time with her and I wanted to hilight a few of our moments.

She didn't get here until midnight (after Beckham had fallen asleep), and when he woke up and found her, he immediately attatched himself to her. It was like his toungue was stuck to a frosty flagpole. He wouldn't let her out of his sight - while he ate his breakfast that morning, he did so with one hand holding on to her and the other hand feeding himself. He wanted nothing to do with me while Nana was here, which provided me with a wonderful break. This picture is exactly how he spent a third of his time. It makes me so happy to see how much the boys love their Nana and how even though we live so far away and only see each other a couple times a year, that their bond is still so strong.

Mom and I went to a Ballet that was delightful. I felt like we were such little girls because we kept whispering to each other through the performances and couldn't stop talking about it after. It was so fun! Something else that we got to do (that we used to do all the time) is go on a speed walk - she's a hard one to keep up with! You'd think I'd be able to smoke her, but she's still got it!

Yesterday we broke the news to Ty that Nana had to go back home today and he kept saying, "Nana, can't you just stay for a couple more whiles?" He tried to think of a way to get her to stay and asked if she could ask her teacher if she could stay longer. After we got home from taking her to the airport it made me cry (again and again) because Ty kept saying, "Mom, I'm really sad that Nana had to go home today," and then he laid on the couch for about a half hour with just the most bummed look on his face.

Anyways, it was the best treat ever to have my mom here. We went shopping - she bought me the ship shaped butter dish that I have long been coveting. We love going to Cheeseburger in Paradise as a tradition whenever she is in town. She is so funny because she orders her Strawberry Milkshake to come out FIRST... now you know where I get my love for treats. We colored easter eggs and had a hunt, cooked together, went to Ty's favorite restaurant: the Cereal Barn, took Beckham to the Barber Shop, played outside, played games, had late night chats, and had a grand old time being in each other's company. My mom is like a ball of happiness and sunshine and I love being with her! We love you Nana and will miss you tremendously! (As we do all our family! Please come visit - any and all of you!)


ads said...

Oh, how I love being with you and your sweet family. Dad and I have already been talking about when we will be able to see you next. Ty, can I come again in "just a couple whiles"? Thanks for such a fun and special time.

janet said...

Gotta love those moms! I cried every time I have to drive my mom to the airport.. it really makes you appreciate them and wonder why you took living by family for granted. but absence makes the heart grow fonder, no?

and that totally sucks about your car. how do you function without one? and what's the situation with Matthias and internship plans? Are you headed to DC?

Heather said...

Hey Anj! First of all - cute bangs! You are so dang cute. Hope all is well!

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