officially four

Last night while putting Ty to bed I couldn't help but cry! I have never been emotional about Ty getting older - his 3 previous birthdays have been surrounded with so much excitement... excitement about getting bigger and growing up, learning how to hold up the right amount of fingers, presents... but this milestone for some reason has come with a little sadness... where have the last 4 years gone? It seems like overnight he has gotten so BIG! I just couldn't stop the tears running as I was singing him his goodnight song and tickling his back, telling him that I loved him, taking a few pics of him, and remembering special moments in his life... and finally Ty said, "Mom, when are you going to stop crying?" Nooooooo! Where has my little toddler gone? He asked me this morning if I was still sad - of course, no way! It was party time!

When Ty woke up this morning, he found the birthday bomber (Matthias) bombed his room with streamers and balloons. Matthias always does the best job at making the room birthday funtastic. Ty's birthday breakfast request was of course pancakes. Despite the fact that Ty wanted pancakes for bfast, he only ate a couple of bites because he wanted to eat his Transformer cake soooooooo bad! I think he cleverly tries to trick me when he asks things like, "Can I have my cake?" No Ty, it's for after dinner. "Can I have my cake after my dinnerbreakfast?" Nice try. After pancakes, Ty unwrapped his new bike horn sans bike... Ty was incredibly cute about it because he was so excited he got a new horn even though he didn't have a bike to put it on. Well, he did have a new bike (his first), he just didn't know it! We had left it upstairs in our room under a blanket and so we sent him up to find it. He gasped, he thanked, he jumped up and down, then he hopped on! Matthias took him out twice today to practice. It took him a while to get used to it, but after an hour the second time out, he was a pro! He has been honking his horn all day and told his Auntie Emmy on the phone today that he honks his horn so all his friends will know to come to his house. He really did have a great rest of the day... going to wonderlab... going to a pizza lunch with his friend Livie... riding his bike more... getting visits from friends Dixon and Eagan... and eating his Transformer cake with trick candles.

Ty's Stats:
Age: 4
Height: 39 inches
Weight: 32 lbs (LW!)

Movie: Duma & Transformers
Colors: Blue & Orange
Stuffed Animal: Bauer (dog)
Sport: Soccer & Basketball
Books: Where the Wild Things Are & The Garden of Abdul Gasazi
Clothes: Frankenstein shirt, and Colts Jersey
Hat: BYU hat
Song: Baby Don't You Cry (The Pie song), I Am a Child of God
Bathtime activity: spitting war with Beckham
Birthday Dinner Request: Chicken, Brocolli, and Squash with brown sugar

Most repeated sayings:
"Today-tommorow?" (after we say "Tomorrow...")
"Mom, you're the sweetest grill in the world!"
"Dad, you're my bestest friend."
"Do-o-o-o-o-o- ne!" (after finishing a meal)
"I'm done!" (after #2ing)
"Will you get me a choc bob?"
"Will Dixon be there?"
"Three books!"

Happy Birthday to the coolest 4 year old in the world! We love you to pieces!


Juliana said...

Seriously that is the coolest cake. B y the way...I would love to run with you!!!

Sus said...

am totally going to balloon bomb my kids' room every birthday from now on! that is fantastic.
will get on the purse tag. have never been tagged before and am a little concerned myself about what may be in there.
as for all the posts about ag and not so many about si, i can only hope that someday si says as many hilarious things as ag! :) until then, he gets short shrift. but i'm a middle child, so you can be sure i'll give him his spotlight, too. :)

ads said...

Being four is the coolest, and Ty is the coolest one of all!

My Many Coloured Days said...

You guys are so silly! What a fun birthday. Love the balloon bombs too! Just wait until five...

Ola said...

Happy Birthday Ty!!!
Andrea, you're so cool making such a great Birthday cake!!! Looked amazing and probably was YUMMY, too!

Miss you, girl!

Lenzi Woodbury said...

You are TOO cute! I have loved every moment from when Chandler was 18 mos - present. 4.5 is where we are now and it comes with lots of debating but I love it! I love the "dinnerbreakfast" comment from Ty! I actually started cracking up at my computer like a crazy person! :) You are such a fun mom! I remember how creative you were when we were in high-school and you have not stopped and motherhood has made it even more fun! I'm truly glad I came across your blog and can keep tabs on my Creative Friend!!

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