spring cleaning

I've always wondered why my mom wanted our house to be spick n span before we left on vacation or day trips. I remember oozing frustration and stomping around when we couldn't leave until the house was clean. I remember hating spring cleaning. My mom would usually give my brothers and I options of what we wanted to clean, I would try to pick the easiest task first. (The early bird gets the worm, right?) Now that I am older -sigh- and especially now that I am a mom, I totally get the need to have your house clean before you leave on vacation, and the need of getting the whole house clean in the spring, and the sudden urge to throw everything in sight away! I just wish my crew of young-uns were able to really contribute to this massive chore. This year I am tackling my spring cleaning early and getting it done before the first day of spring, March 21st. If only I had one of those fancy steam cleaners.

Here is my spring cleaning list:
clean in and outside of kitchen cupboards
sweep & mop under fridge, oven, and washer
clean out oven, broiler, and underneath range hood
clean in and outside of fridge
paint behind the washer
wipe down entirely the kitchen table and chairs
wash walls (I loathe washing walls)
baseboards (with a toothbrush)
take down blinds and spray them off
shampoo downstairs carpet
replace broken drape with new one
wash inside and outside of all windows
Good Will all unwanted clothes
store boys winter clothes and bring out spring clothes
Restock 72 hr kits - some food has expired
vaccuum underneath furniture
put square stones down in backyard along back side of apt.
take all books off shelves and dust them
dust off picture frames and lamps
cobwebs off of ceiling/wall corners (the little we have)
wipe down leather couches

My mom is coming to visit for Easter on May 19th (yippee!). So the plan is to get this place squeaky clean before she gets here!


Ola said...

i LOVE spring cleaning and acctually am thinking about it this year... Would be nice! :)

Samye said...

Not a fan of spring cleaning...if only we were really really rich and could hire people to come take care of it while we sip a nice beverage and get pedicures...maybe in like 40 years right? Good luck with that cleaning..I am just going to do mine when we move out!

ads said...

You know you don't have to do ANYTHING in preparation for me to come visit. I'm just really looking forward to spending time with you all. But it does my heart a teeny bit good to hear that you feel like spring cleaning now. Mine has to wait until summer these days, and my list gets bigger every year.

Shawny said...

You're making me jealous! Not about doing the cleaning but how clean your house will be when you're finished!

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