I got a double whammy today - both from the same kid - right in a row.

"Ow! The skin on your leg is sharp."


"You have a baby in your tummy!"

If it came from anyone else, I wouldn't have laughed.

And just to clarify: No, I do not have a baby in my tummy.


Ola said...

Oh, and by the way... You lokk teriffic!!!

Ola said...

Don't you just LOVE days like that... I should tell you about my trip to Barne's and Noble then... maybe I'll post it on my blog... :)

Brad and Marci said...

Brad got that same remark from Kali about his facial hair she kept saying "ouch! ewe!" If they only knew that if we took the time to shave then it would cut into their precious play time (at least that is my excuse). As far as the baby, mine is getting bigger every day :) I am taking good care of it!
And let me clarify, I am not pregnant either.

ads said...

Kids do say the craziest things . . . like when Ty wondered why my hand was wrinkly the last time I came to Indiana. Or like when Matt said to Grandma Jones, "Wow, grandma. You have a big butt." You wouldn't laugh for sure if it was someone other than your precious little ones.

janet said...

my boys are always saying "nice" things like that to me.. like mom, you skin is so soft and squishy and stretchy.. Thank you very much!

Cute pic of you two!

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