oh boys

Over the weekend we stayed at our friends' house, the Brunclik's, and watched their kids while they went away for a short trip to NY. They have two little boys the same ages as our little boys... I'm sure you've heard me mention the name Dixon before - Ty's bestest bud. I expected it to be somewhat difficult just by numbers alone - 4 boys under 4 - but it was a piece of cake. No, I can't say it was all on my account, you see, Linnea set us up for a pretty easy time. She had steamers and tea waiting for us when we arrived, left us a wad of cash and her car, stocked the fridge up with frozen pizzas and easy foods, she even paid a babysitter to come for 4 hrs on Saturday to watch all 4 boys while Matthias and I went out on a date! Wow, talk about easy peasy lemon squeezy.

I just can't get over how cute Ty and Dixon are with each other. Their preschool teacher said it perfectly, "They are like old highschool buddies when the get together - they could easily sit in a corner for 3 hrs by themselves and talk and giggle the whole time." They slept in the same bed at night and naturally stayed up late with the covers over their heads telling secrets. I wish so bad that I could listen in on their conversations... when I try to, and they see me eavesdropping, they cup their hands over their mouths and whisper in each other's ears.

Now Lukey and Beckham are a different story. They have always been a little jealous of each other especially when it comes to whose mama is holding them. When they first started hanging out (a forced friendship), they screamed at each other for about 3 months, but when you look at these pictures you would think they were best buds as well.

There was a family in our neighborhood growing up, the Aubreys, who had 8 boys and 1 baby girl - and drove a huge shuttle type van that had a liscence plate with the words "OH BOYS." If only they made those for joggers - I walked to the library pushing the two younguns in the Burley with the older boys standing on the frame. It was great. Oh how I love having little boys!


Sus said...

Oh, how wonderful to watch your kid develop real friendships. I never anticipated this about motherhood: how great it would be to watch your kid experience all the greatness of life - like friends and books and birds and bicycles... - and to experience it all again through his eyes. Problem is, they have to learn all the sadness, too, don't they?

My Many Coloured Days said...

Love it! Boys are the greatest aren't they?!

Hoosier Mama... you owe me a phone call :) (We're finally getting better over here - knock on wood!)

Brad and Marci said...

WOW anj I think you are ready for the next step-dum, dum, dum-THREE! That is the cutest story about Tyty and his little friend. Cole has one of those but she is a girl and she likes princesses so Cole is usually the prince :) I am sorry about Beck's tooth I bet he is hurting. Cole's turned a little color but we got his nerve removed before they completely died so now they just look like he doesn't brush EW! You sound great and the more I read your blog the more I miss you and the rest of the family. I have a gift for Ty but I need to print some pictures before I send it off.

ads said...

Sweet boys, one and all. Those times are ones to cherish for sure.

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