2 weeks in the green valley

here's a couple posts that follow which highlight our funtastic time in the great Salt Lake Valley. Utah was great for so many reasons, the 24 hr road trip out and back (the screaming and 1 hr pit stops are glorious), matthias reuiniting with his old soccer pals for 3 games, family, family, family, the shopping, little cousins to run around with, Beckham's 2nd Birthday, and warm weather.

It has been a long time tradition for the Frischknecht Family (Matt's mom's side) to sing "Little Green Valley" when they are together, and I love this song. I've learned it over the years, and Ty and Beckham sing it now. It's a lovely bedtime song. It reminds me of the Salt Lake Valley and coming home to it when we have been away for a while.

I see the candlelight down in the little green valley,
Where Morning Glory vines are twining round the door.

Oh how I long to be down in the little green valley,

Where my poor old homesick heart will trouble me no more.

There's only one thing ever gives me consolation,

And that's the dream that I'll be going back some day.
So every night down upon my knees I pray to the Lord to please take me
Back to that little old green valley far away.

I hear a mocking bird down in the little green valley,

Singing out it's heart to welcome me.

And someone waits by the garden gate down in the little green valley,

When I get home again how happy she will be.

Down by that little babbling brooke once more we'll wander,

And in the shady nook we'll dream the hours away.

And I'll leave every care behind, go where I can find sunshine,

Back to the little old green valley far away.

PS. these pics were taken in the first year we were married.


Samye said...

Looks like you guys had a blast!!! I can't believe that Beckham is already 2!!!!

Que Onda Clines said...

K Anj, I shed tears reading each of those posts! We sure love you guys and your adorable family! Such special little boys. I hate you guys being in Indiana! Can I say that? I miss being close to you guys-distance, and hanging out. Miss you all so much!!

ads said...

Good to see you caught up. That must have taken some time. Love to you all !

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